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Pokemon GO Player Hits Level 30 Without Catching Any Pokemon Other Than Their Starter


It is possible to complete a range of various jobs and objectives in the world of Pokemon GO, from taking out Team Rocket grunts to catching all of the creatures that are available to users. On the subject of gameplay material, there is no shortage of activities in Pokemon GO, which makes it a terrific way to pass the time while out and about.

The month of April has already proven to be a busy one, with Stufful making an appearance for a special community day adventure. Many challenges in Pokemon GO reward players with unique Pokemon to catch and stuff to utilize on their road to becoming the best, and players can take advantage of these research activities in order to advance their progress.

When these missions no longer provide the thrills that players want, they have the ability to create their own challenges to make things more difficult on themselves, which they can then complete. For example, imposing different requirements on a player while playing a hardcore nuzlocke run in a Pokemon game can result in a more challenging gameplay, but one that many players will find enjoyable. NotAKawaiiCatGirl, a Reddit user, has discovered a task that appears to be tailor-made for Pokemon GO, and it appears to be nearly hard to accomplish until they attain such success. While players can now advance to level 50 in Pokemon GO, notAKawaiiCatGirl was able to reach level 30 by following a rigorous do-not-catch policy in order to avoid being caught.

They set out to collect as much experience as they possibly could while adhering to a stringent set of rules that included not acquiring any Pokemon, both in the overworld and as special research missions, and not trading Pokemon with friends. They also restricted their friend list to only real-life pals, and they could only add to their Pokedex by hatching eggs from the eggs of their friends. While a new update to Pokemon GO’s friend list capacity is on the way, even with the current cap of 200, notAKawaiiCatGirl is restricted to a maximum of nine other players in the game. They have been participating in this challenge since last October, and prior to relocating to a larger city, which greatly aided their progress in levelling up, they lived in a small village with only two people on their list at the time of the challenge.