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Possible camera improvements with Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 beta software


Possible camera improvements with Samsung's latest Galaxy S23 beta software

It would appear that Samsung is now conducting tests for a new firmware update for the Galaxy S23 series. We are not referring to the test builds of One UI 5.1.1 or One UI 6.0; rather, we are discussing a build that has the potential to become available for the Galaxy S23 series via public channels as early as June. This update, which was found on test servers maintained by Samsung, comes with the firmware number S91xBXXU2AWEB. We are getting closer and closer to the end of the month, which most likely indicates that Samsung is already working on a new security patch for its Galaxy S23 flagships. At this point, it is too early to say what kinds of changes it may bring.

Even Google is usually bested by Samsung when it comes to their own game because Samsung is typically the first company to deliver new monthly security fixes. It wouldn’t be shocking, given Samsung’s track record, if the company started distributing the security fix for June 2023 before the month of May was over. The impending upgrade to One UI 5.1 may offer the Galaxy S23 series camera improvements in addition to the previously mentioned enhancements to the series’s security. An HDR-related issue affects the Galaxy S23 camera, and it only becomes apparent in specific lighting circumstances. As a result, the camera captures strange outlines around the edges of things.

At the beginning of this month, Samsung provided confirmation that the company is actively working to fix these HDR camera problems and stated that the solution “will be included in the next [firmware] version.” Although the firm has not disclosed a specific release date for this fix, the message strongly suggests that Samsung will distribute it in June. Especially considering that May will soon be finished, which means that it will soon be time for a new monthly release. It goes without saying that this test update, which carries the firmware number S91xBXXU2AWEB, has the potential to bring the much-anticipated camera upgrades to the Galaxy S23 series. And as is customary, once the update has been deployed, it will be made accessible for manual update enthusiasts to download from the “firmware” area of our website once it has been activated.