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Prince of Persia – How to Beat Sword Master


A story of bravery, honor, and parkour adventure, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is enhanced with impressive sword-fighting skills. Sargon has to battle a summoned knight known only as the Sword Master in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’s second level. Anahita, Sargon’s former apprentice, uses a ceremonial circle to call forth this odd and lethal warrior just as she kidnaps Prince Ghassan. You can learn how to defeat The Sword Master in Prince of Persia by reading this article:

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How to Beat Sword Master

In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the Sword Master is easily beaten if you are not hit enough times to charge your Athra Surge completely. Like many adversaries you’ve faced, this enemy is a massive fighter that cannot be launched for air combos. This compels you to use caution when attacking Sargon and avoid placing yourself in a situation where the Sword Master could easily knock you out of the air.

Prince of Persia - How to Beat Sword Master

In this boss battle, unstoppable assaults are unveiled as moves that Sargon cannot parry. The assault will cause almost twice as much damage to you if you try to parry a move when the Sword Master’s eyes are glowing red.  You only have three health bars, thus making three blunders like this in a boss encounter could quickly result in your death.

With the help of his massive shield, the Sword Master blocks blows coming from his front. To get behind the boss and start launching assaults of your own, you must either jump over him or slide under his blows. By landing strikes and avoiding being hit by unstoppable moves, you can charge your special attack, Athra Surge, which releases pure energy into a powerful assault.

Prince of Persia - How to Beat Sword Master

Verethragna’s Smite, your Athra Surge, sends you hurtling at an opponent with a piercing strike that breaches defenses. With this move, you can temporarily break the Sword Master’s shield and launch more blows against the boss. In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, charging this move and landing it at least once will put you in the best possible position to defeat the Sword Master.

Some Other Tips to Defeat the Sword Master

Sword Master just has two attacks, which may give the impression that he’s an easy boss to defeat, but that’s not the case, especially on harder difficulties. Despite having fewer strikes than the last boss, this one has a ton of dashes and evasive moves. To assist you with that, here are some tips:

Prince of Persia - How to Beat Sword Master

  • The boss will usually parry the second or third hit, thus you won’t be able to execute a full three-attack combo against it. Rather, it is advised to launch two attacks before attempting to run behind him.
  • The boss possesses a powerful shield that he can use to defend himself from attacks. Either get behind the boss or stagger him with a sliding kick is the trick.
  • Parrying Sword Master’s standard slash attacks is highly advised since it will increase your Athra. Using this Athra ability will do tons of damage, shortening the fight considerably.


How do you sword fight the Prince of Persia?

The most efficient fighting style is the traditional block-and-hit method. By waiting till the opponent hits then blocking with a press of the up button, you can do this to increase the character’s chances of striking the opponent. Check all the rooms for hidden passageways.

Which is the hardest Prince of Persia?

Kiana the Forest Queen appears to be the one providing players the greatest problems, despite the fact that all of them are significantly more difficult than you would anticipate from a Prince of Persia game.

How do you beat the warrior in Prince of Persia?

You only need to keep hacking at him until you get him close to the brink, then use the button mash game to push him over. In order to harm him, the next entails shoving him against pillars. You can knock him against the pillars by simply hacking away and backing him up to them. Pushing him back into the “construction pillars” at each of the four corners comes next.

How do you get the water sword in Prince of Persia?

Simply obtaining all nine life upgrades will get you access to the secret ending. A new sword will be waiting for you in the room preceding the Empress’s throne room. The water sword is claimed to be the only weapon capable of eliminating the Dahaka.

Who killed the king in Prince of Persia?

Nizam, Sharaman’s brother, killed him during the feast by giving Dastan a poisoned robe that Tus had given to Sharaman. To be buried, his body was transported to Avrat. It was later that Dastan’s “Grand Rewind” brought him back to life.