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Privacy Protection Services: A Look at the Best


There are several things that you can do to protect your privacy online. You can make sure that your computers and mobile devices have the right software to stop viruses, malware, and hackers from taking hold. And you can also use caution when it comes to what you share online, which websites you use, and where you shop on the internet. But, despite all of that, if you were to search for information about yourself using your favorite search engine, you might be surprised to find that a lot of different websites are letting everyone know about your personal information, from how to contact you to where you work and how old you are. Yikes!

Rest assured, though, that there are ways that you can regain control. And there are services that are designed to help you protect your privacy online with greater ease. Check out the list below to learn about some of the top options available.

OneRep: Remove Your Information Quickly and Easily

Are you tired of all of the data broker websites out there using your personal information to make money? Then it’s time to get OneRep involved. This handy service will do all of the hard work for you by finding the websites that are displaying your information and then telling them that you want to opt out.

Sure, you can opt out on your own, but think about how much time and effort that will require. You’d need to do all of the searching yourself, making sure you go to each website individually to find the opt out instructions and submit your removal request. With OneRep, you can sit back while the experts take care of it all for you. Sweet!

DeleteMe: Regain Control Over the Info That’s Out There

DeleteMe is similar to OneRep because their goal is to go to all of the data brokers that are displaying your information to let them know that you want to be removed. It’s that simple. You basically just tell them which information you want them to work on removing. Then, they get to work and send you a report. Plus, they continue scanning and removing your information for a year, in case your information pops up on a new database or it reappears on a site you already opted out of.

How can you decide between services like OneRep and DeleteMe since they’re so similar? It’s all about comparing their offerings and their pricing. You can check out a DeleteMe review to learn more about it and weigh it against other privacy protection services.

ReputationDefender: Improve Your Online Reputation

If you want to go beyond just having your information taken down from data broker websites, you can consider ReputationDefender. This site has solutions that are catered to individuals and businesses, so you get to decide which one you want for your particular needs.

Services from ReputationDefender include controlling search results to improve your reputation. They’ll help you get positive information about yourself to show up, while also helping to make it harder to find information that is negative. Again, it’s all about improving your online reputation. You can also have them help you with taking down sensitive information about yourself and your family. And if you have a business, they can even help you encourage customers to leave positive reviews about it.

PrivacyDuck: Take Down Your Personally Identifiable Information

Last on our list is PrivacyDuck, which is designed to help you remove your Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, from the internet. The nice thing about this site is that it provides you with handy tips and guides that you can follow if you want to go through the process on your own, but they also provide paid services to take care of things for you instead.

Just be aware that PrivacyDuck offers different pricing options for basic or VIP privacy services. They are quite expensive, but because they do a lot, you might find that the cost is more than worth it.


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