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Redfall – How to Find a Staked Weapon


Finding a staked weapon to kill a vampire holding people hostage in a fire station is one of your first missions in Redfall. The fire station’s basement is home to the vampire, but you will need a staked weapon to take it out. A stake driven through the vampire’s heart is the only surefire way to end it, even though bullets and other types of harm would weaken it. You may figure out how to locate a staked weapon in Redfall by reading this article:

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How to Find a Staked Weapon

To find the staked weapon in the fire station, you will need to go through the basement with the vampire. But fear not—the vampire is in a different room in the basement and won’t know you’re there unless you approach it directly. There’s a blood trail leading from the stairs to a lifeless person on the ground right before you enter the chamber where the vampire is.  A shotgun is on the ground next to the dead body, and if you approach it, you can see it there.

The game will indicate that you now have a staked weapon when you pick up the shotgun. Finding a staked weapon in Redfall only requires doing that because the majority of weapons have stakes already affixed to them. The next task is to confront the vampire in the next room, use your shotgun or any other weapon to defeat it, and then use the stake that is attached to your new shotgun to kill it out.

How to Equip a Stake to Your Weapon

Thankfully, it’s really simple for players to affix a stake to a weapon. This is mostly because getting a stake on your weapon doesn’t need any action from the players.

In Redfall, the majority of the weapons and gear you find will already have a stake tied to it. Handguns seem to be the only exception to this rule, since they are too small to have a stake attached to them. Players don’t need to bother about installing a stake themselves because the majority of the game’s weaponry will nearly always come with one already installed.

We advise always keeping a weapon with a stake on it equipped in the slot just behind your handgun if you choose to use one in Redfall. This will let you rapidly switch to your staked weapon to kill a vampire after causing them damage with your pistol.


Where is the gnome stake in Redfall?

The Sedgewick district is where the stake is located. Here is a photo showing the location of it. You should search for the ancient, abandoned house in the center of the gate and mansion as soon as you get there. You should now head in the direction of the blue shed at the back.

What are the vampire gods in Redfall?

Four Gods are dispersed over Redfall Commons and Burial Point: Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, The Black Sun, and The Hollow Man.

Who is the final boss in Redfall?

Subsequently, Black Sun will call forth The Totality, compelling you to engage in combat while releasing her captives. After The Totality is killed, collect his vampire bones and continue battling until Redfall is freed and Black Sun is vanquished.

What caused the vampires in Redfall?

The vampires of Redfall are not your normal bloodsuckers. They came into being as a result of a disastrous scientific experiment and are still developing today. Some vampires gain strong talents and mature into larger, more menacing vampires after transforming.

What is the last mission in Redfall?

The middle missions can be completed in a variety of orders due to the selection process, although Dead in the Water will always be the first mission completed and The Black Sun the last. The game has a definite beginning and end.

What is a shroud in Redfall?

The Shroud is a killer diva who enjoys entertaining herself and getting attention by tormenting victims. She likes to confuse heroes by calling forth an impenetrable darkness or by vanishing beneath the surface and surprising them from below. Official Synopsis. In Redfall, The Shroud is a particular kind of vampire.