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Redfall: Solving the Mausoleum Guide


You never know what you might run into in Redfall, what with all the vampires and cults. The Irving Mausoleum at Burial Point Cemetery is one such location. Players will need to keep their eyes peeled at all times if they want to find all of the secrets and lore tucked away in the wonderfully insane city of Redfall, which they can only discover by exploring every corner of the world. The mausoleum in Redfall can be solved by following the steps outlined in this article.

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How to Find and Solve Mausoleum

In the Ashumet Springs neighborhood, players should start their hunt for the mausoleum at the grave site located immediately to the south of the Burial Point Cemetery. Players need prepare themselves thoroughly before venturing toward the cemetery, since they will run with numerous cultist and vampire organizations along the route.

Once reaching the cemetery, walk southwest through the crypts, keeping a wary eye for any sleeping vampires. To avoid using up precious ammo and stressing out the neighboring cult members, players should use stealth to make their way toward the bottom corner of the grave site, where they are most likely to discover two or three vampires.

Redfall: Solving the Mausoleum Guide

Follow the cawing of the crows as you make your way through the graveyard until you reach a narrow path bordered by mausoleums on one side and a stone wall leading to a parked pickup truck on the other. When you go close to the mausoleum with crows hovering above it, you’ll find the Irving Mausoleum and can add its location to your map.

Many cultists will spawn at the end of the road and charge the players as they get closer to the tomb, so they should be prepared. Players can concentrate on the signs hidden beyond the mausoleum’s entrance when things have settled down. There are six bells painted on the wall, set in an apparently haphazard style, and the player will see a bell hanging just to the left of the gate that can be rung with the interact button.

Redfall: Solving the Mausoleum Guide

The solution to this riddle lies in the distances between the painted bells, rather than the bells’ actual heights. If the bells were painted in a horizontal row, the pattern would become clear: one bell, a space, two bells, a space, and three bells. The following sequence will be inputted on the bell to the player’s left: ring, pause, ring, ring, pause, ring, ring. The gate will drop after successfully entering this pattern, revealing a path down through the floor fissures and into the caverns below.

What lies below achievement in Redfall?

Players should consider their weapon loadout before entering the tunnels. Players should be prepared to clear out a fair number of vampires, blood bags, and fisherman from the fairly tight caves below. When a player enters the tunnels, they will immediately receive the rare achievement “What Lies Beneath.”

Once the cave has been conquered, players will be rewarded with a blood remnant, discovered in the container in the well-lit room on the bottom floor, and a custom costume part found in a backpack on the ledges at the extreme back of the cave.

Redfall: Solving the Mausoleum Guide

Players have a decent chance of obtaining uncommon stuff from the unique vampires they kill on the way down, but they must be careful not to leave the crypt without collecting all they can find within before the bell that unlocks the gate despawns. When the players are done in the tunnels, they should exit the same way they entered to continue their exploration of Burial Point.


How many hours is Redfall?

When focused on the primary objectives, Redfall is roughly 12 Hours in length. If you’re the type of gamer that likes to see everything, the full experience should take you about 31½ hours.

Is Redfall a vampire?

Redfall is called for its setting, an affluent paradise devastated by an invasion of vampires. These formidable beings have used their evil magic to block out the sun and drive back the tide, thereby cutting off the town from the rest of the world by creating a sea wall around it.

Does Redfall have PvP?

Redfall will not launch with a player against player option that gives fans the ability to handle opponents in the game, which is unfortunate for those who want to assume the role of a vampire.

What is the highest level in Redfall?

Because the maximum level in Redfall is 40, continuing to play the game after reaching that point will not result in the acquisition of any extra skill points or levels. In the future, additional downloadable content (DLC) or game upgrades could bring this figure up.