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Redfall: Metamorphosis Mission Guide


In the war against the blood-suckers and their fanatical followers in Redfall, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders to reclaim the beleaguered neighborhoods. Your primary strategy? Seizing control of the numerous scattered safehouses. With each neighborhood boasting its own refuge, embarking on a series of crucial missions is essential for securing the area. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of the Metamorphosis mission, a vital step towards toppling the area’s formidable Underboss.

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How To Start Metamorphosis in Redfall

The Sedgewick Safehouse, southwest of the Fire Station, is the starting point for the Metamorphosis mission. You’ll know you’re getting close to the safehouse because an icon will appear and your character will say something. To enter the safehouse, you must restore electricity from a nearby generator, as is the case with every other safehouse in the game.

Redfall: Metamorphosis Mission Guide

Once the area has been cleared of opponents, the generator will be in the next garage. Be wary of the trip mines set up in the garage door. Simply approaching them on the wall and engaging with them will render them harmless. Once the garage is secure, turn on the generator and enter the fortified structure to engage the wall-sized map.

How To Complete Metamorphosis in Redfall

After selecting the mission from the map, a pingable marker will appear on your map. The mission marker will be located to the northeast of you, next to the Fire Station, and it will need you to protect an unborn Vampire from the Blood Bags’ attacks.

Follow the marker’s direction and prepare for a brief battle. The goal of this timed task is simple: prevent the Blood Bags from feeding the Vampire. Be prepared with medical supplies; it will only last a few minutes, but other adversaries will be attacking simultaneously. The Vampire will emerge from its cocoon and attack you at some point.

Redfall: Metamorphosis Mission Guide

The Vampire may be in better shape if more blood was fed to it. It can be killed in the same way as any other Vampire. It can be taken out with relative ease, and after you’ve staked it, you should return to your fortress.

The local Underboss may be found in the Redfall United Church of Christ to the southwest of the safehouse, therefore it’s time to take him on. Prepare for a confrontation with him and his fellow Vampires and Cultists in the church’s main sanctuary.

Protect yourself from his many allies by staying close to him, as he will use himself as a shield for them. Instead of trying to deal with them all at once, you should go into another room and have them come to you. Once you’ve finished them off and killed the Underboss in your regular fashion, all that’s left to do is collect his skull and finish setting up the Sedgewick Safehouse.


How many hours is Redfall?

Redfall is around 12 hours long when you’re only concerned with completing the primary goals. If you’re the type of gamer that likes to see everything, the full experience should take you about 312 days.

What is the last mission in Redfall?

The tasks in the middle can be completed in any sequence, however the first and last missions will always be Dead in the Water and The Black Sun respectively. Gameplay begins and ends at fixed times.

Does Redfall have endgame?

There is no conclusion in sight. Despite what some may have heard on this sub, this is not a looter shooter. This is not a service game nor primarily a loot game, but it does have procedurally generated and repeating vampire nests to increase replayability, especially when players join games hosted by their friends.

Will Redfall be offline?

Even if you only want to play the single-player campaign, Redfall requires that you have a stable internet connection.

How many vampire gods are in Redfall?

The Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, and The Black Sun are the names of the four gods that can be found strewn over the Redfall Commons and Burial Point.