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Remnant 2: Plain Ribbon Quest


The Plain Ribbon is another quest item in Remnant 2 that can be used for a wide variety of prizes. Defeating bosses, choosing choices, interacting with non-playable characters, and completing puzzles are just some of the many things to do in the game. The game’s dynamic and randomly produced content ensures that it will never get old. By reading this post, find out how to complete the Plain Ribbon Quest in Remnant 2!

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Where To Find The Plain Ribbon

You can acquire the Plain Ribbon on your quest through Losomn. Since most features in the game are randomly generated, including places and goods, there isn’t a specific area for the Plain Ribbon, and its place will vary from one to another. Nonetheless, the red light it emits on the ground makes it immediately obvious.

Remnant 2: Plain Ribbon Quest

The following are some possible locations to locate the Plain Ribbon:

  • Council Chambers
  • Shattered Gallery
  • Gilded Chambers
  • The Great Hall

You need to find not just the Plain Ribbon in Losomn. Moreover, you must happen upon the Statues Event. Since this Statues Event can randomly emerge in the same regions as the Plain Ribbon, you may need to do some exploring to track it down.

Remnant 2: Plain Ribbon Quest

When you run into the Plain Ribbon and the Statues Event, it’s time to figure out why those two Fae statues stand so close together.

How to Use the Plain Ribbon

Once you get the Plain Ribbon and find the Fae statues, all you have to do is approach them and utilize the ribbon. Your character will then take a step up and tie the ribbon around their hands. This is where the vast majority of participants start to become lost.

You’ll find that after completing all of those steps, there is no new incentive or prompt available. The unadorned ribbon will be left alone. This is due to the fact that you will have to leave the area and return later. After making your way back to the mystery location via warp and battle, you’ll find one of two Amulets lying around.

Remnant 2: Plain Ribbon Quest

When entering the Council or Gilded Chambers, the Plain Ribbon will get you the Golden Ribbon. You will earn the Silver Ribbon if you’re in the Shattered Gallery or The Great Hall.

Plain Ribbon Rewards

Since you can only wear one Amulet at a time, ensuring it’s the right one for your build is important. With the Golden Ribbon on, your Mod damage will increase by 25% and you will gain Haste for 15 seconds anytime you use a Mod. Haste is a status effect in Remnant 2 that makes your movement and actions seven per cent quicker.

Meanwhile, whenever you use a Skill, the Silver Ribbon boosts that Skill’s damage by 25% and gives you Haste for 15 seconds. So, if you’re trying to decide between Mods and Skills, it all boils down to personal preference.

Remnant 2: Plain Ribbon Quest

A third Amulet is available to those who complete this encounter more than once and acquire both of the previous ones. You can make Nimue’s Ribbon if you bring both the Golden Ribbon and the Silver Ribbon to her. When you use a Relic, Nimue’s Ribbon boosts its Healing Effectiveness by 50% and offers you Haste for 25 seconds.


What does the Ribbon quest item do in Remnant 2?

When you activate a weapon mod, the damage from that mod is increased by 25% and you gain the Haste status effect for 15 seconds. Silver Ribbon – When used, increases the damage of your skill by 25% and provides you the Haste status effect for 15 seconds.

What happens when you put the Ribbon on the statues Remnant 2?

Fans of Souls-like games can then interact with the statue, choosing the Plain Ribbon and tying it around the Faes’ wrists. After doing so, players should exit the current map, reload it, and then head back to the statues to find that the Ribbon has been turned into a collectible item.

What is Nimune’s ribbon in Remnant 2?

The simple explanation is that Nimue is the raw material for the Ribbon. In her chamber, players of Remnant 2 can chat with her to gain access to a modest catalog of things. This item is difficult to obtain because it calls for two additional ribbons, one tied to each of the impostor kings.

How do you get the Nimbus Ribbon in remnant 2?

The simple explanation is that Nimue is the raw material for the Ribbon. In her chamber, players of Remnant 2 can chat with her to gain access to a modest catalog of things.