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Remnant 2: How to Get the Song of Eafir Mod


Remnant 2’s Song of Eafir is an upgrade for many weapons. Since it is not designed for a specific weapon, you can put any weapon that fits into its slots. Some of these are less significant, like a side road with a few useful items. Some are smaller than others, yet they have fresh equipment or even brand-new Archetypes. Get the Eafir Mod song in Remainder 2 with the help of this post!

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What Does the Song of Eafir Mod Do?

If you have this Mod equipped and fire a shot, it will deal 150 damage to any nearby Flying foes and stun any Ground enemies within 10 meters of where it lands. The area of effect will remain in place for 15 seconds, dealing 15% less damage to you and your group from opponents within 15 meters. This makes the mod very effective against mobs, but less so against bosses, making it ideal for horde clearing.

Where to Find the Song of Eafir Mod

There are a few things you’ll need to obtain the Song of Eafir. The first is to make the Corrupted Ravager quest chain your current run in Yaesha. If it’s the Empress questline, you must reroll Adventure Mode Yaesha until you spawn elsewhere.  Once you obtain it, go through the main quest line until you can interact with the Water Harp.

Remnant 2: How to Get the Song of Eafir Mod

Finding it and then taking a detour to engage the gear necessary to get it going will be required. Start the puzzle like you normally would. You can now proceed with the rest of the process. You wish to perform a hidden tune on the Water Harp different from the one played on the bridge. To play that tune on the harp, you would do as follows:

  • Row 1: Peg 1
  • Row 2: Peg 4
  • Row 3: None
  • Row 4: Peg 2
  • Row 5: Peg 5
  • Row 6: None
  • Row 7: Peg 3
  • Row 8: None

A new tune will play when you turn on the Water Harp with those settings, and you’ll be rewarded with the Bolt Driver firearm. We still have some work to do. You should talk to the Flautist who is playing nearby. This action yields the Binding Scroll. Take this to McCabe in Ward 13, and you’ll get the Song of Eafir mod.

How to Get the Song of Eafir

McCabe in Ward 13 will modify your weapon with a Song of Eafir if you bring her a Scroll of Binding, five Lumenite Crystals, and five hundred scrap metal. The Song of Eafir requires a unique ingredient called a Scroll of Binding. It includes the creation of a harmonious melody that is thought to calm even the wildest of beasts. For many years, this scroll was kept by several Pan Musicians.

Remnant 2: How to Get the Song of Eafir Mod

Some Effects and Builds for Song of Eafir

Song of Eafir is a fantastic addition to the Remnant 2 mod collection. Song of Eafir binding power is bestowed upon the ammo, dealing 150 damage to airborne foes and Staggering ground foes within a 10m radius. The projectiles create a field that imparts Slow to nearby opponents for up to 15 meters. For the duration of the song (about 15 seconds), foes hit by Slow take 15% less damage.

You’ll need 1000 Mod Power to equip this mod, although you can do it with any weapon that has a Weapon Mod slot. When facing off against elite and weak monsters in AoE content, Song of Eafir is your best bet. Higher difficulties place a greater premium on survival, making the damage reduction passive all the more welcome.


What is the song of eafir mod Remnant 2?

A shot charged with the spellbinding Song of Eafir is fired. Most foes within 10 meters on the ground are stunned, and those within 10 meters in the air take 150 damage. The song lasts for 15 seconds, during which time all enemies within 15 meters are affected by SLOW and take 15% less damage from your attacks.

What is the song in the scroll of binding Remnant 2?

Scroll of Binding can be found at: Can be found in Yaesha. To gain access to the Corrupted Ravager, you must perform the hidden song (on the Water Harp) played by the flautist after playing the song.

What is the secret song in the Forbidden Grove Remnant 2?

Once the Ravager quest has been accomplished, this goal can be checked off by recreating the tune played by the Flutist. Despite there just being five note alternatives (six, if skipping a note is included), this may be extremely difficult to recreate.

Can you save the doe in Remnant 2?

You need not put an end to Doe’s life. Reviving the hurt Doe is an option. Taking into account its current condition and crucial position in Yaesha, this may prove to be the best course of action. You can use a Relic charge to heal the injured Doe if you approach and interact with it.