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Roblox Doors New Entities 2023


roblox doors new entities

Recently, Roblox has added a number of new entities that players will encounter on their playthroughs. In this article, we’ll take a look at each of these new entities, their appearance, behavior, and tips on how to deal with them.

Here is what changed after the recent update that came yesterday in roblox hotel doors.

Rush – Can spawn more rarely, but can also spawn between room 3 – 90 (Exceptions being Seek’s chase, The Library, and Room 100)

Screech – Barely spawns, The candle can tell you when he does spawn

Eyes – Nothing changed

Halt – Nothing Changed

Timothy – Nothing changed

Hide – Nothing Changed

Ambush – Instead of coming from behind, It comes Infront instead. Being the opposite of Rush, and repeatedly go from the lastest room to the very last room.

Seek – Animations changed

Figure – It’s AI is a little more Improved

Glitch – I don’t think anything changed

(N E W)

Dupe – Fake Doors Boi

Voidvoid is just glitch but in dark rooms. It will darkens your screen, and teleport you to the group

Snare – Boobie Traps

Seek is an entity that resides in the Hotel, serving as the secondary antagonist. Players will encounter it twice during their playthrough, both times being completely random. Seek’s animations have been changed, making it more difficult to avoid.

Rush is an entity that resides in the Hotel and serves as a frequent threat. It takes on the appearance of a dark grey face encompassed by darkness, with distorted features and a large open smile, showing its rows of teeth. Rush can spawn more rarely, but can also spawn between rooms 3-90 (with exceptions being Seek’s chase, the Library, and Room 100).

Ambush is an entity that can spawn in the Hotel and has a small chance to replace Rush when spawning in. The chance of it spawning increases the further the player progresses, reaching its peak during the last ten doors. Instead of coming from behind, Ambush comes from in front.

Bob is an entity that can be found within the Jeff Shop next to El Goblino in the Hotel. He is a tall normal human skeleton with a black baseball cap on the top of his skull. Bob is a friendly entity, but does not speak unlike his supposed friend El Goblino. Bob sits next to El Goblino on a table in Jeff’s Shop.

Snare is an entity that resides in the Hotel and appears in The Greenhouse. It serves as an annoyance during the last few rooms. It looks like a circular grass patch and while trapping the player the teeth will release, trapping the player. Snare will appear in a random location inside of a room in The Greenhouse. If a player steps onto it, Snare will trap the player for about 3-4 seconds, preventing the player from reaching hiding places from Rush and Ambush.

Tips for Dealing with Entities

  • The herb gives you passive healing so you can recover from eyes, screech, halt and other stuff
  • If you go near a duped door you can hear subtle breathing
  • Sometimes there are two different rooms that have numbers on them that you can go through. Remember the room that you just came from to pick the number that’s next. If you pick one that’s below or above the number you take damage from him.
  • There is a specific door you go through that teleports you to a series of rooms, and while in those rooms a-60 will arrive.
  • Some rooms have doors with chests inside, some are unlocked and some are locked.

Roblox doors new entities is fun keep playing and going through every door and open all 100 doors.