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Rugby 24 Initial Release Date Just Moved to March 2024


Rugby 24

Do you remember playing rugby on your gaming console?

Are you a Rugby fan? Because Rugby fans value virtual experiences just as playing real rugby. So, this game is going to allow you to control your favorite teams and players by creating moments that connect the virtual and real worlds of rugby.


The release date for Rugby 24 has been postponed. It was originally scheduled to release on January 30, 2024 but now it has been pushed to March 2024. And even in March you will only get a sneak peek version just on Steam. And for full game on consoles you will have to wait until the end of the year.

A look at Rugby 22’s progress

One game that made some progress was Rugby 22 from Nacon and Eko Software. Even though it didn’t have all the major licenses, they tried to give us a more realistic rugby experience. You can control groups of players to build your moves, making the game feel more realistic. Of course, there were a few small issues, but that’s to be expected when you don’t have the big budgets of companies like EA Sports.

Excitement builds at Rugby 24: What we expected

Now let’s talk about the big news – Rugby 24. When it was announced, everyone was excited. The promise was: more licenses, meaning we could play with even more teams, and better gameplay, so it felt like we were actually on the rugby field.


As we know that we were going to have Rugby 24 on ps5, ps4, Xbox series and windows this month but now thats not happening. The delay is a bit disappointing but Rugby just confirmed that they are going to provide early access to steam players in March 2024. So all of Rugby fans will have to wait now a little more. The delay is worth it because developers are working harder so that, fans can have a great rugby experience.