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Saruei Vtuber Face Reveal, Age and More Interesting Facts


Saruei is a French YouTuber, Twitch broadcaster, and illustrator who primarily uses virtual reality. She is not associated with any agency, unlike the majority of other Vtubers, and she streams her videos independently. She is the host of a prominent Twitch channel that has more than 300,000 subscribers. In light of this, the following information regarding Saruei Vtuber’s face reveal, age, and other fascinating details will be discussed in this article:

Saruei Vtuber Face Reveal

The unveiling of Saruei’s face is one of the events that her viewers look forward to the most. Because she is a virtual YouTuber, the illustrator cum broadcaster does not like to expose her true face during her streams. She has designed her professional life so that she is not required to give anyone a glimpse of her true appearance at any point.

She does not have to present her physical self to anyone online to advance her profession in the virtual world. On the other hand, she presents herself in the guise of a cartoon picture. The moving picture depicts a young woman with glasses who has hair that is somewhat silvery and eyes that are somewhat ruddy.

Additionally, the cartoon girl can be seen donning a black sweatshirt emblazoned with a mysterious insignia. Although her fan base is growing, it does not appear that Saruei has any intention of finally showing her face any time in the near future.

Saruei Vtuber Age & Height

In 2023, Saruei will be 27 years old [probably]. Her actual age is unknown. However, she appears to be in her mid-20s. Her measurements are 165 cm in height and 55 kg (121 lb) in weight. She hasn’t revealed any other aspects of her appearance. When she finally shows her true self, we may update this data.

Saruei Vtuber Career

Saruei is a longtime internet user. She began Twitch a few years ago. On the channel, she mostly streamed art. She did what she was good at as an illustrator. She primarily drew anime and video game characters during streaming. She succeeds on the site after streaming for hours. However, she wanted to switch to virtual streaming.

She returned to Twitch after tweeting about becoming a Vtuber. Her Vtuber debut was 7 August 2021. She had 125k Twitch followers when she re-debuted. Peak hour saw several Vtubers on the platform. She thrived with the opportunity and expanded her channel. Her streaming website followers topped 250k in 2021.

Saruei streams Dark Souls II, Black Mesa, Prey, and others on the channel. Over 372k people follow her Twitch account. Her YouTube channel features Twitch stream highlights. The channel gained over 150k subscribers.

Saurei Vtuber Net Worth

It is believed that Saurei has a total wealth of $150,000. Her primary income comes from Twitch. Her main sources of income as a Twitch Partner are advertisements, patronage, and applause. Next, she supplements her income with money from sponsors and paid memberships. According to TwitchTracker, Saurei has 3038 paying viewers. We estimate that her monthly subscription income is well over $10,000.

She posts exclusive pieces on her Patreon account. She has over 500 Patrons who contribute a few thousand dollars monthly to her income. She can’t rely on money from YouTube videos as her main source of income. Our information suggests that she will earn roughly $1,000 from YouTube advertisements.

Saurei Vtuber Wiki

Real Name Rael
Nickname Saruei
Profession virtual YouTuber, Twitch streamer & illustrator
Age 27 [not confirmed]
Date of Birth 18 April
Birthplace France
Hometown France
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality French
Religion Christianity
College Not Known
Hobbies Traveling
Famous For Streaming on Twitch


What is Saruei’s nationality?

Rael, whose birthday is on April 18th, is a French independent VTuber who is more often known online as Saruei.

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