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Sea of Stars: All Playable Characters


The innovative Sea of Stars mashes together elements from old and modern Japanese role-playing games like Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia. Its pixel aesthetic and turn-based combat, complete with interactive components reminiscent of titles like Super Mario RPG, are clear indicators of this. Each member of the party adds their own flavor to the story and is therefore an integral aspect of the narrative in these games. The following is an explanation of each Sea of Stars party member:

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It’s all about Garl. The enchantment of Sea of Stars would be diminished without him. His underlying message of love and positivity is powerful, and he is the thread that holds everything together. Garl is unconcerned that he lacks the magical abilities of Valere and Zale. The lesson is that you can make a difference in someone’s life without superhuman abilities.

Sea of Stars: All Party Members


  • Bash Drop: Causes moderate blunt damage to a single target.
  • Solar Rain: Strikes all enemies with Sun damage.
  • Conflagrate: Inflicts multiple hits of arcane and solar damage.

For Garl, the most important things in life are his friends and saving the world. He can lose an eye or even his life if he has to. You couldn’t ask for a better friend than Garl. Sora from Kingdom Hearts is the only other good-hearted protagonist in a role-playing game that instantly comes to mind. You can assume that Garl and Sora get along swimmingly.


Serai is another intriguing figure due to his secretive personality. The protagonists initially encounter her as Captain Klee’shae, a pirate with a fixation on a ghost ship known only as The Vespertine. Then, when Gale gets sick, Zale and the others visit Serai. She fooled everyone by pretending to be two different people, and she offers no explanation for her deception. However, that is hardly the game’s most shocking revelation.

Sea of Stars: All Party Members


  • X-Strike: Strikes all enemies with Sword, Sun, and Venom damage.
  • Arcane Barrage: Releases multiple arcane hits, delaying a single target’s turn.
  • Moon Shiv: Inflicts heavy damage on one target.

Serai, it seems, is not only a cyborg but also hails from another dimension. Her potential is strikingly similar to that of Chrono Trigger’s doomed world, and the parallels don’t end there. Even though she developed into a more likable character than Resh’an, this robotic ninja nevertheless leaves many things unsolved at the end of the film.


In the opening sequence of Sea of Stars, the player is introduced to a narrator who is literally reading a book that is the game. The game will pause every once in a while and have the narrator read the backstory of these characters. Zale and the others learn that this narrator is a character in the story at some point. He’s an eternal alchemist who goes by the name Resh’an, and he seems to know more than he’s letting on.

Sea of Stars: All Party Members


  • Arcane Barrage: Delivers several arcane strikes and postpones a single target’s action.
  • Conflagrate: Inflicts multiple hits of arcane and solar damage.

The protagonist Resh’an and the primary antagonist Aephorul serve as a link between Sea of Stars and the developer’s previous game, The Messenger. Will they, or anyone else from Sea of Stars, be a part of the next thing the creators of that game make? Resh’an is fascinating to follow because of his air of mystery.


Recruiting B’st concludes the available roster of playable characters. After Garl’s death, she is essentially a replacement, however she requires some time to activate. Aephorul severed her spirit (or soul) from her body eons ago, turning her into a ghost. Resh’an aids her in her quest for vengeance for her people by creating a set of Living Glass for her.

Sea of Stars: All Party Members

Living Glass gives B’st a rigid body, but she can still shape it to her liking. This adaptability, along with her pink hue, calls to mind Nintendo’s Kirby, albeit she lacks Kirby’s monstrous appetite. B’st may not be particularly talented, but she is courageous and makes several heroic sacrifices throughout the narrative.


It’s clear that Valere shares many of Zale’s character flaws. It must be challenging to develop a role-playing game with not one but two protagonists, and have them both be equally compelling. Valere is more well-rounded than Zale, who shines as a mage warrior. She has a tiny advantage over Zale thanks to her boldness.

Sea of Stars: All Party Members


  • Bash Drop: Causes decent blunt damage to a single target.
  • Solstice Strike: Attack twice, regenerating 3 MP with each hit.
  • Mending Light: Heals all allies.
  • Moon Shiv: Inflicts heavy damage on a single target.
  • Soonrang: Fires magical lunar and solar projectiles, hitting multiple targets.

She possesses a formidable shield spell in addition to two effective attack methods. If players are skilled at the game’s button prompts, the Moonerang, for instance, will bounce around to all foes on the battlefield. Despite their importance to the tale and their skill in combat, Valere and Zale are often overshadowed by other, more accessible characters.


Zale has more power with his magic than either of the game’s primary protagonists. Due to the lack of healing potions, his ability to do so is extremely significant. Instead of using weapons, players must cast spells or cook meals in a separate minigame. Sunball, another of his attacks, causes him to hurl a massive fireball towards a cluster of foes.

Sea of Stars: All Party Members


  • Solstice Strike: Executes a dual attack, replenishing 3 MP per hit.
  • Mending Light: Heals all allies’ HP.
  • Solar Rain: Strikes all foes with Sun damage.
  • X-Strike: Inflicts Sword, Sun, and Venom damage on all enemies.
  • Soonrang: Fires a combined lunar and solar magical projectile, impacting multiple targets.

Zale’s lack of character is the only negative aspect of him. There isn’t much more to know about him except the fact that he is the chosen one, which is to say that he is courageous, empathetic, and duty-bound. He’s not a bad main character, but his sidekicks steal the show.


Who is the bad guy in Sea of Stars?

Aephorul, otherwise called The Fleshmancer, is a person in Ocean of Stars. He is a shrewd undying chemist who makes massive manifestations and releases them upon the world. He is answerable for making Tenants and for the Gorilla Authority’s burden

What is the best weapon in Sea of Stars?

The Moon Bo and Sun Cutting edge in Ocean of Stars are, separately, Valere and Zale’s best weapons in the game, and they can give a powerful benefit against the last chief. There are a few weapons for you to use in the game, spread across every one of the playable characters.

Who are the main characters in the Sea of Stars?

Ocean of Stars is a retro-styled pretending computer game revolved around two legends named Valere and Zale, who utilize the force of the moon and sun individually to battle against the manifestations of a shrewd chemist.