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Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, All Prayer Bead Locations


We all know Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a tough game, but fortunately, there are many ways to get an edge. You can find many prayer beads in the game, and you can create a prayer necklace with every four beads that will increase your maximum vitality and posture. The only problem is that many of these are owned or hidden by the bosses, so you need to know where to go to and find them all 40.

The prayer necklace was created by Sculptor’s Idol. Once you have found four prayer beads, you can turn them into a prayer necklace to increase your energy and posture. What you need to do is:

  • Sit in front of any idol of Sculptors.
  • Select the “Enhance physical properties” option.
  • Confirm your choice.

Now you will have an advantage against any boss (or random enemy).

There are six prayer beads on the outskirts of Ashina. They are located at:

Ashina Wall – Gate Path

The first prayer bead was held by General Naomori Kawarada, who will stop your progress through Gate Path. He is the first enemy in the game to have two health bars, so you may be in trouble at first time while trying to defeat him. Beat him and you will also get a Gourd seed, you can upgrade your healing Gourd immediately. So, General is very worth the effort.

Outskirt Wall- Stairway

In the stair area of ​​the outskirt wall, a chained ogre is waiting for you. Remember: red-eyed monsters hate fire.

Outskirt Wall- Stairway

Soon after the red-eye ogres, you will meet General Tenzen Yamauchi. Take him down to get another prayer bead.

Tengu Temple – Attic

After defeating the riding owner Gyoubu Oniwa, you will be able to enter the temple containing Ashina Tengu. Climb the temple and grab to the top point to find a chest with another prayer bead.

Ashina Castle Gate – Blazzing Bull

Continue your path in Ashina Castle after fighting Gyoubu Oniwa and you will soon face Blazing Bull. He can be tough, but hold on to his back and continue to run around him, and you will beat him eventually. He grants a prayer bead for your troubles.

Outskirt Wall – Staircase (after blaze)

After Ashina is ignited, you will be able to find the Shigekichi of the Red Guards beyond the outskirts. He is holding a prayer bead. Kill him.

Ashina Castle – Stairs

General Matsumoto Kuranosuke has one of the prayer beads. He stands at the top of the stairs leading to Ashina Castle. He will be surrounded by thugs, so we recommend taking them out first.

Ashina Reservoir Well

If you go back to the pit, you will wake up at the beginning of the game and you will encounter Lone Shadow Longswordsman. The fog gate will let you trap him on a fairly narrow stage and defeating him will make you a prayer bead.

Ashina Reservoir

The optional owner Seven Ashina Spears – Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi can be found in the Ashina Reservoir area. Beat him and get your prayer bead.

Abandoned dungeon entrance

A commemorative thug businessman near the entrance to the abandoned dungeon will sell you a 1400-cent prayer bead. He is located next to the idol of the sculptor in the area.

Upper tower – Antechamber

Behind the hidden wall in the lobby of the upper tower is a chest with prayer beads. It is guarded by blue monks and the door is directly between the two armor. Sneak out and retrieve your prize.


Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo

Defeat Ashina Elite – Jinusuke Saze on the Tower Road will bring you another prayer bead.

After Shinobi surpassed, Ashina Castle had three prayer bead beads. They are located at:

Great snake shrine

This prayer bead can only be obtained before Ashina Castle catches fire. So, make sure to try to retrieve it before then. You need to defeat the Lone Shadow Masanaga gunman to acquire it.

Ashina Dojo

After shinobi attacked Ashina, the optional boss Lone Shadow Vilehand will appear in the dojo. Beat him for another prayer bead.

Upper tower

At the bottom of the tower, a chained ogre is waiting for you. Kill him, his prayer bead is yours.

After the Ashina Castle was ignited, there were two prayer beads. They are located at:

Ashina Reservoir

After the fire begins, you will be able to find seven Ashina Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa waiting for you at Ashina Reservoir. Like his brother, he has a prayer bead.

Hidden dojo

There is a hidden dojo under the room of Isshin Ashina. You can enter it to get in touch with various enemies before the fire starts, but once Ashina burns, you will find a new red-eye enemy Ashina Elite – Ujinari Mizou. He has a prayer bead.

Hirata Estate’s first memory has three prayer beads. They are located at:

Bamboo Thickest Slope

You will find a shinobi hunter at the Bamboo Thicket Slope called Ensen of Misen. Beat him to get the prayer bead.

Main hall

Cross the Hirata Estate to the lobby courtyard and you will find the infamous Juzou the Drunkard. Defeat him and his companions and you will get a prayer bead reward.

Hirata Audience Chamber

Near the idol of the Hirata Audience Chamber room sculptor, there is a hidden door leading to another prayer bead. You can find it at the end of the hall. Just look for the scrolls on the wall and embrace the wall’s knowledge to reveal the secret room.

In the second memory of Hirata Estate, there are two prayer bead beads, which can be accessed through the Father’s Bell Charm.

Burning house

Go back to where you found the owl in your first memory and you will encounter Spear-Bearer. He is tough, but he will give you a prayer bead. This looks fair.

Drunken rematch

Do you think that you and the drunken person Juzou have finished? Think again. He has another prayer bead.

Senpou Temple has three prayer bead beads. They are located at:

Shugendo Sculptor’s idol

Continue going up the mountain. You will soon face the Armored Warrior on the bridge. He is slow, but he is not hurt, so you need to kill him. This will give you a prayer bead.

Head to Temple Grounds to face Long-Arm Centipede Sen’Un and collect another prayer bead for your collection.

Temple ground

There is a potential skill called Mibu Breathing that lets you dive underwater. You may have found a swimming pool with trout inside, but once you have the ability to dive into the water, you can also find a prayer bead.

Under-Shrine Valley sculptor’s idol

This is a bit hard to find and needs some tiring work. Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor’s idol, there is a hidden road. Head back and grapple the hook then look to the left to see another sculptor’s idol. Fall to it and then step back along the wall of the ravine. You will encounter two enemies, then you will need to cross the other side of the gap and walk a thin road along the wall. You will find some items below you, one of which is the most probably prayer bead.

Sunken Valley Sculptor Idol

Snake Eyes Shirafuji is waiting for you near the idol of the sinking valley sculptor. If you can beat him, she will reward you with a prayer bead.


You will find long arm centipede here, holding a prayer bead. Cold dead hands and prayer bead. He really needs to die.


After the long arm centipede giraffe’s fight, you may notice a hole in the floor which can be used to crouch. Follow the path through a spooky cave and grab a wooden walkway. Turn around and start grabbing the combination until you can see the item below you shine. It is guarded by some enemies, but you can quickly send them on their way to the after world and get your prize.

There are eight prayer bead beads in Ashina Depths. They are located at:

Poison pool

Snake Eyes Shirahagi can be found in the poison pool, with the prayer bead having your name on it.

Poison pool

This requires more grappling action. After the Snake Eyes Shirahagi fight, look for a grapple point before entering the pit. Follow the path to jump up the wall until you find the prize. That is a prayer bead, if not clear.

Misty forest

The optional boss Tokujiro the Glutton can be found in the hidden forest and will reward you with a prayer bead, if you kill him.

Headless Ape

Before you can face Headless Ape at Ashina Depths, you need to remove the Guardian Ape from the sunken valley. This is not an easy task, nor is his headless brother. But destroying these monsters will make you not one, but two prayer beads.

Mibu Village

You will find O’Rin of the Water in the village of Mibu. Kill him and you will receive another prayer bead.

Mibu Village

After defeating the O’Rin, keep true to your path, cross a bridge and find a house. On your right, there is a gap in the foundation that you can use to sneak into your house. Look for some rotating floors that can be activated from below, then head to the second floor where you can find the prayer bead.

Mibu Village

This is another prayer bead that requires Mibu’s breathing skills. You can find a chest at the bottom of the village of Mibu. Surprisingly, it contains a prayer bead.

The Fountainhead Palace has three prayer bead beads. They can be found at:

Sakura Bull

Remember the burning bull? His brother can be found at Fountainhead and will give you a prayer bead in his failure.

Great Colored Carp lake

This prayer bead is guarded by two headless and a giant. You will find this fun party at the bottom of the Great Colored Carp Lake. If you are fast, you can grab the prayer bead and leave before your three new friends tear you into pieces.

Sakura Tree

Okami Leader Shizu likes to throw lightning at the intruders of Fountainhead Palace, but he is indeed a friendly guy. Ok, maybe not, but if you can beat him, he does have a prayer bead for you.

This was all for the prayer beads location in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. How many beads have you found so far? Do tell us in the comments section below. Also, checkout some of our other guides related to Sekiro:

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