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Shirogane Noel Vtuber Face Reveal & Stats


Shirogane noel Vtuber is a famous female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive. As of april 2023, she has 1.66M Subscribers and 870 videos alone on her Youtube channel. She has more than 200 million views of all time on Youtube. Which means she has earned more than $20 million so far.

As Hololive live streamed an amazing cosplay on 16th march, 2023. In which shirogane noel also took part with other 2 vtubers.

Noel Vtuber Face Reveal

Noel Vtuber Face Reveal

Hololive Vtubers Live Cosplay

You can watch here the live stream in which all Vtubers revealed their face.

Noel Vtuber in Real Life (IRL)

While shirogane noel real name is still not available but her family name Shirogane is confirmed. Noel Started her journey on youtube as a virtual youtuber on 26, 2019. Noel Twitter account can be accessed through this URL Her height is 5 feet 2.2 inches.

So it is fun to follow and watch her streams on her Youtube channel and get close to her by knowing more. You can also search for other Vtubers and how you can start your career as a vtuber on our website