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Sinder Vtuber Face Reveal and Age in Real Life


Sinder Vtuber

In this article we will share some insights on Sinder Vtuber real life and her face reveal in public and her personality.

Sinder has named her as a hottest wolf Vtuber on her Youtube channel she has 70k subscribers on Youtube and 5,096,393 views all time on her channel.

Sinder vtuber has revealed herself in two tweets on her official twitter account. In a tweet given below on Sinder’s Official twitter account the girl in white dress is the real sinder vtuber.


Sinder Vtuber Face Reveal and Real Life Bio

sinder vtuber in real life

In real life sinder vtuber is not that tall but she is a damn a cutie thats for sure. Sinder is approximately 5’5.5″ tall, equivalent to approximately 166.37 cm. Her birthday is on September 14 but the year is unknown. She does not look older than 27 or 28 years. What do you say?

Sinder’s Background:

  • Sinder is a spirited wolf girl expelled from hell who has a gift for making friends with the dead.
  • She can transform into her “hellhound” wolf form to control, shape and even summon fire at will.
  • With a diverse background and an array of creative talents, she is sure to impress her audience with her impressive work.

Sinder’s Content:

  • Sinder is known for her clever use of technology to keep her followers engaged in her channels.
  • In addition to her popular vtame vtug, she also uses video chat to connect with her fans in real-time.
  • She has a very loyal fanbase that regularly checks in to see what her latest uploads are.
  • Her vocab is impressive too, as she has mastered the art of using keywords to drive traffic to her YouTube channel and Twitch streams.

Sinder Vtuber Photo With Trickywi

Sinder has also spotted with Trickywi Vtuber on twitter but both are wearing mask in this photo.

Sinder’s Photo with one of her fan who has just dressed like her avatar can been seen below.

sinder vtuber with her fan

Overall, Sinder is a cute Vtuber who has always done good stuff to engage her fans. This is true that her fans love her as much as shoe loves her fans.