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How to Send and Delete Messages on Your PS4


You may send messages to other PlayStation users and delete undesired messages using the Messages app on your PS4, which functions in a manner that is essentially identical to that of the Messages app on your phone. Despite this, deleted messages are not completely removed from the servers of PlayStation Network. You are unable to remove messages in a way that is permanent because if you delete a message from a friend and then later message that friend, the previous messages will return as a part of the message thread.

Simply choose “Messages” from the menu on your PS4 controller to see whether you have any new messages. On the tab labelled “Messages,” you will be able to view any new messages that are awaiting your attention.

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How to Send Messages on Your PS4

1. Using the controller for your PS4, navigate to the “Messages” menu.

2. Navigate to the Messages screen and click the “Create Message” button.

How to Send and Delete Messages on Your PS4

3. Choose the recipient of the message you wish to send by clicking on their name in the list. After entering the message, click the “Send” button.

How to Send and Delete Messages on Your PS4

How to Delete Messages on your PS4

1. To access the “Messages” option on your PS4, use the controller that came with your console.

2. Once you have decided the message you wish to delete, click it and then press the “Options” button that is found on the PS4 controller. Next, select “Leave” from the list of available options.

How to Send and Delete Messages on Your PS4

3. Select “Leave” once more to confirm that you truly do want to delete the message, and then go to the next step.

How to Send and Delete Messages on Your PS4


Can you retrieve deleted Playstation messages?

You will not be able to retrieve messages from the trash that you have already deleted. Depending on the email provider you use and the preferences you have set up for your email account, deleting email messages from your local device may also erase them from the remote server.

Where do deleted messages go?

Because the Android operating system saves text messages in the phone’s memory, there is no way to recover them if the messages are accidentally removed from the phone. You are, however, able to retrieve any texts that were accidentally deleted by installing an application from the Android Market that serves as a backup for text messages.

Can you delete a text you sent?

Unless you cancel the text message or iMessage before it is delivered, there is no way to retrieve a message that has already been sent.

Are deleted messages gone forever?

“When the messages are deleted, they are not really destroyed at immediately; instead, the space where they were stored is marked as free so that it might be used to restore new data,”

Does deleting a PS4 game delete the save?

When you delete a game from your PlayStation 4, it will typically save your saved game files and other game settings on the system in case you decide to reinstall the game at a later time. You have the option to erase your game files as well if you are certain that you do not want them.

Can PlayStation see your messages?

According to the conditions, Sony acknowledges that it “cannot monitor all PSN activity,” but the company “reserves the right in our sole discretion to monitor and record any or all of your PSN activity,” which will include “the content of your voice and text interactions.”