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Skull and Bones – How to Find Ghost Ship


In the treacherous waters of Skull and Bones, where pirates vie for supremacy and legendary treasures beckon from the depths, the elusive ghost ships stand as enigmatic symbols of mystery and danger. Said to be haunted vessels prowling the seas with spectral crews and untold riches, finding a ghost ship is the dream of many a daring buccaneer. In this extensive guide, we embark on a voyage of discovery to uncover the secrets of locating these elusive specters in Skull and Bones, providing adventurers with the knowledge and strategies needed to pursue the legends that lie beyond the horizon.

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Understanding Ghost Ships

Ghost ships in Skull and Bones are legendary vessels shrouded in mystery, said to roam the seas with no living crew aboard, yet brimming with untold riches and valuable cargo. These spectral galleons are the subject of countless tales among pirates, with rumors of cursed treasures and vengeful spirits haunting their decks. While some dismiss ghost ships as mere superstition, others believe that they hold the key to unlocking the secrets of the seas and claiming unimaginable wealth.

How to Find Ghost Ship

After you accept the Oceans Apart contract, you can find the Ghost Ship at night in the Southern Basin of the Open Ocean. Your ship must be at least level 8, which is different from your general captain’s Infamy level, in order to obtain the contract. The spectral crew won’t be shown on your map until then, making them impossible to locate.

You should proceed to The Oubliette Outpost as soon as you get to ship level 8. The Oubliette is located near to the Southern Basin zone to the southeast of Sainte-Anne. You will encounter a Mysterious Rogue seller on the beach after you locate and depart. Take the Oceans Apart contract from this NPC by speaking with them.

Skull and Bones - How to Find Ghost Ship

You won’t have to guess where to find the Ghost Ship anymore because it will now be indicated on your map. But if you go during the day, it won’t spawn.

  • Get to the eighth level of the ship.
  • To the southeast of Sainte-Anne, proceed to The Oubliette Outpost.
  • Talk to the Mysterious Rogue and agree to the terms of Oceans Apart.
  • At night, locate the ship in the Southern Basin.

There is a daily cooldown on when you can reclaim the Oceans Apart contract after defeating the Ghost Ship. This implies that you can either wait as a lone player or locate a pirate friend who hasn’t finished the contract yet. If so, you can still farm the ship and try to obtain the Flamethrower for your arsenal, even though you might not receive all the same prizes.


What are ghost ships in Skull and Bones, and why are they significant?

Ghost ships in Skull and Bones are legendary vessels believed to be haunted and often associated with valuable treasures. They are significant to pirates and adventurers for the allure of their rumored riches and the mysteries surrounding their spectral nature.

How can I differentiate between a regular ship and a ghost ship in Skull and Bones?

Distinguishing between a regular ship and a ghost ship in Skull and Bones can be challenging, as ghost ships often appear similar to their non-haunted counterparts. However, ghost ships may exhibit unusual behaviors, such as emitting eerie lights, making ghostly sounds, or appearing and disappearing suddenly, which can help identify them.

Are there specific regions or conditions where ghost ships are more likely to appear in Skull and Bones?

While ghost ships in Skull and Bones can appear anywhere in the game’s vast ocean, certain regions or conditions may increase the likelihood of encountering them. These may include areas with a history of shipwrecks, haunted islands, or regions shrouded in mysterious fog or darkness.

Do ghost ships pose any unique challenges or dangers to players in Skull and Bones?

Yes, encountering a ghost ship in Skull and Bones can be perilous, as they are often guarded by vengeful spirits and otherworldly entities. Ghost ships may engage players in battles with supernatural abilities and tactics, posing a formidable challenge to even the most skilled adventurers.


In the vast and mysterious world of Skull and Bones, the quest to find ghost ships is a daring adventure fraught with peril and excitement. By understanding the legends, mastering navigation techniques, utilizing advanced tracking methods, listening to local lore, keeping vigilant watch, and preparing for confrontation, adventurers can increase their chances of encountering these elusive specters and uncovering the secrets they hold.