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Skull And Bones – How to Get Crowbar


The Skull and Bones Because it lets you enter shipwrecks and search them for supplies and gold, the crowbar is a crucial part of your captain’s tools. As you venture out over the seas, looting villages and pillaging shipwrecks, be sure your tools are up to the task. The following article will explain how to put a crowbar into your bones and skull:

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How to Find the Crowbar

To get the crowbar in Skull and Bones, you have to finish the game’s first contract. Contracts, as opposed to conventional tale missions, function as goals that advance players through their pirate adventures. In the first contract, you sail through the Exeter’s debris and get out on the neighboring island. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to accomplish it:

1. Navigate through the Exeter’s debris and get off on the adjacent island. The Pirate Chief Officer will greet players at this point and give them the assignment of locating items that have been lost in the crash.

Skull And Bones - How to Get Crowbar

2. When you leave the island, turn back to your ship and sail north of the wreck, which is located to the left. Barrels with the merchandise will drift among the rocks. As you get closer, salvage the products by tapping the designated button. Sharks can be dangerous in this location.

3. After obtaining the items, go back to the island’s Pirate Chief Officer. Once the mission is finished successfully, you will receive the crowbar as a prize.

How to Use the Crowbar

When you can loot shipwrecks, the Skull and Bones Crowbar is equipped automatically; to activate it, look for a Force Open prompt at the bottom of the screen. This will launch a mini-game called Salvaging, in which you must click the designated button to stop the Crowbar from swinging.

Skull And Bones - How to Get Crowbar

For maximum effect, hit the green zone; for a lesser boost, hit the yellow region surrounding it. If you have three consecutive failed attempts, the process will be terminated. Missing the target zone entirely counts as one of those attempts. Once the locks are successfully broken, you can disembark and investigate the shipwreck in order to find treasure and other valuable objects.


How do I unlock the location of the crowbar?

To unlock the location of the crowbar, you need to progress through the main story missions until you reach a point where you can freely explore New Bone.

What is the crowbar used for in “Skull and Bones”?

The crowbar is used to unlock special chests scattered around the game world, which contain valuable loot such as gold and rare items.

Is the crowbar a one-time use item?

No, the crowbar can be used multiple times to unlock different chests throughout the game.

Can I upgrade the crowbar?

Yes, you can upgrade the crowbar to make it more efficient at unlocking chests and accessing higher-tier loot.

Are there any tips for finding the crowbar?

Keep an eye out for hidden clues or maps that may lead you to the location of the crowbar. Exploring the island thoroughly and interacting with NPCs may also provide hints.