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Helldivers 2 – How to Destroy Silos


As elite soldiers of the Helldivers, their mission is to liberate humanity from the shackles of tyranny and restore freedom to the galaxy. One crucial aspect of this battle is the destruction of enemy silos, which serve as the backbone of the enemy’s infrastructure and power. In this detailed guide, we will explore the strategies and tactics for effectively destroying silos in Helldivers 2, empowering players to turn the tide of battle and emerge victorious against their adversaries.

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Importance of Silo Destruction

Silo destruction plays a pivotal role in disrupting enemy operations and weakening their hold on the galaxy. These fortified structures serve as the primary storage facilities for enemy resources, including ammunition, fuel, and reinforcements. By targeting and destroying enemy silos, players can deprive their adversaries of vital supplies and cripple their ability to wage war, thereby gaining a significant advantage on the battlefield.

How to Choose the Right Loadout

Preparing for a mission to destroy enemy silos requires careful consideration of loadout and equipment. Players must select weapons, gear, and stratagems that are well-suited for engaging enemy forces and penetrating enemy defenses. Anti-tank weapons, explosives, and heavy artillery are particularly effective against enemy silos and their surrounding defenses, allowing players to unleash devastating firepower and maximize their impact on the battlefield.

How to Destroy Silos

When using a rocket launcher or any other explosive with insufficient firepower, fuel silos are indestructible solid constructions. Players will therefore need to confirm that they are utilizing a Hell Bomb. But before you set foot on any planet, you must add this explosive to your arsenal to use it.

Helldivers 2 - How to Destroy Silos

Furthermore, the purpose of this type of weaponry is to destroy massive structures like the Fuel Silos. Be sure to point the beacon toward this facility’s base. When the time comes to ignite this bomb you have called, you must engage with it by accurately entering the provided string of letters and characters. Ensure that you have left this location after finishing this.

Helldivers 2 - How to Destroy Silos

Before calling forth and detonating the Hell Bomb, if you are playing with other people, enlist their assistance in eliminating every robot that is watching this facility. The Fuel Silos will be destroyed when this bomb detonates and deals a ton of damage. Once this is done, you can focus on the remaining goals and complete your quest.


Are enemy silos heavily guarded, and what types of defenses can players expect to encounter?

Yes, enemy silos are typically heavily guarded and surrounded by various defenses, including automated turrets, armored units, and patrolling infantry. Players must be prepared to engage these defenses and overcome enemy resistance to reach their objectives.

Is it possible to destroy enemy silos using stealth or infiltration tactics, or is direct assault the only viable approach?

While direct assault is often the most effective approach for destroying enemy silos, players may also employ stealth and infiltration tactics to bypass enemy defenses and sabotage silos from within. However, these tactics require careful planning and execution to avoid detection and ensure success.

How many silos are typically present in enemy territory, and do they vary in size and difficulty to destroy?

The number and size of enemy silos can vary depending on the specific mission and enemy faction encountered. Some missions may feature multiple smaller silos scattered throughout the map, while others may contain larger, more heavily fortified silos that pose greater challenges to destroy.

What are the consequences of failing to destroy enemy silos, and how does it impact the overall progression of the game?

Failing to destroy enemy silos can have significant consequences, including allowing enemy forces to maintain their supply lines, reinforce their positions, and launch counterattacks against Helldiver forces. This can result in increased difficulty for subsequent missions and hinder the game’s overall progression.


In conclusion, the destruction of enemy silos in Helldivers 2 is a critical component of the ongoing struggle for freedom and liberation. By targeting enemy infrastructure, disrupting enemy operations, and weakening enemy forces, players strike a decisive blow against tyranny and oppression, paving the way for the triumph of freedom and democracy in the galaxy.