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Skull And Bones – How to Get Monstrous Tooth


In the perilous waters of Skull and Bones, where ships clash and treasures beckon, few prizes are as coveted as the Monstrous Tooth. This rare and formidable trophy is not only a symbol of strength but also a key ingredient in crafting powerful items. So, how can you obtain this elusive and formidable prize? Here’s your guide to acquiring the Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones.

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How to Get Monstrous Tooth

To obtain Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, you must defeat the fearsome sea monster Kuharibu, a giant green sea serpent. There are a couple of ways to find the Kuharibu Sea Monster:

Sail north from the Sainte-Anne outpost to open waters near the Angaya Coast and Skull and Bones’ Islands of the Moon. The Whispers of the Deep Strange Sightings rumor is likely to sprout here, where the great Kuharibu appears.

A more trustworthy way is to adhere to the From the Deep contract. You may find this by conversing with the Sea People Huntmaster at the Lanitra outpost. This is also an excellent starting point for hunting marine monsters in Skull and Bones.

Skull And Bones - How to Get Monstrous Tooth

Once you’ve located Kuharibu, you’ll have to fight and kill it in order to harvest Monstrous Tooth in a difficult combat. Prepare to use repair kits to keep your ship running, and use the brace skill to mitigate the beast’s terrible damage as much as possible.

Skull And Bones - How to Get Monstrous Tooth

Once destroyed, you can loot the Monstrous Tooth from the water as usual. Kuharibu may also drop Monstrous Steak or Scales.

Equip Your Ship

To face these monstrous foes, you’ll need a well-equipped ship. Upgrade your vessel with powerful cannons, sturdy armor, and skilled crew members to increase your chances of survival in battle.

Hunt Sea Monsters

Embark on daring sea adventures and hunt down the most notorious sea monsters known to haunt the seas of Skull and Bones. These creatures are not to be underestimated, so be prepared for a fierce battle.

Defeat the Guardian

Once you’ve located a sea monster, engage it in battle and unleash the full might of your ship’s arsenal. Use strategic maneuvers and expert marksmanship to weaken the beast and claim victory.

What’s Monstrous Tooth Used For?

Skull And Bones - How to Get Monstrous Tooth

Monstrous Tooth is used to buy things from the Sea People Huntmaster in Lanitra.

  • Escapist’s Eyepatch: x10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Mchuzi wa Kuharibu: x10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Seascale Belt: x10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Wrappings of the Deep: x10 Monstrous Tooth
  • Beast Hunter’s Hat: x15 Monstrous Tooth
  • Pants of Tumult: x15 Monstrous Tooth
  • Sea Butcher’s Boots: x15 Monstrous Tooth
  • Ocean King’s Top: x20 Monstrous Tooth
  • Great Springald III: x30 Monstrous Tooth
  • Mysterious Chest: x50 Monstrous Tooth
  • Ouroboros Armor Blueprint: x50 Monstrous Tooth


How do I find sea monsters in Skull and Bones?

Sea monsters can be found roaming the waters of Skull and Bones. They often appear in specific regions marked on the map. Keep an eye out for disturbances in the water or follow rumors from other pirates to locate them.

Do I need a specific ship or crew to defeat sea monsters and obtain the Monstrous Tooth?

While having a well-equipped ship and skilled crew can increase your chances of defeating sea monsters, it is possible to defeat them with any ship. Strategic planning and skillful maneuvering are key to victory.

Can I sell the Monstrous Tooth, or is it only used for crafting?

The Monstrous Tooth can be used for crafting powerful items, but it can also be sold to merchants for a high price. The choice is yours whether to use it for crafting or to profit from its sale.

Are there different types of sea monsters that drop the Monstrous Tooth, or is there a specific monster I need to defeat?

There are various types of sea monsters in Skull and Bones, each with its own unique abilities and challenges. Any of these monsters have a chance to drop the Monstrous Tooth, so it’s worth hunting them all.

Can I trade the Monstrous Tooth with other players, or is it bound to my character?

The Monstrous Tooth is typically bound to your character and cannot be traded with other players. Once you obtain it, it is yours to use or sell as you see fit.

Are there any tips or strategies for defeating sea monsters and obtaining the Monstrous Tooth?

It’s important to approach sea monster battles with caution and strategy. Use your ship’s abilities and weapons wisely, and try to exploit the monster’s weaknesses. Additionally, having a well-coordinated crew can greatly increase your chances of success.


Acquiring the Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones is a challenging but rewarding endeavor that will test your skills as a pirate. Follow these steps, and you will soon be wielding powerful items crafted from the tooth of a legendary sea monster, cementing your reputation as a true master of the seas.