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‘Smart Uniforms’ Allow To Track On The Students’ Movements And Location In Chinese Schools


China recently has amazed the world with their latest ‘Smart Uniforms’ contain the microchip-equipped which allow both the parents and school to track on the students’ movements and location.

The students at above 10 schools in Guizhou Province, China, now required to wear these uniforms which are embedded with electronic microchips to track their movements.

Here are the abilities which included in this ‘Smart Uniforms’:

  • Facial recognition scanners at school gates which match the chips with the correct student. So don’t even think to switch your jacket with your friends one.
  • Alarms will sound if the student falls asleep in a class.
  • Fingerprint recognition to make cash-free purchases at school, with this feature, the parents can monitor purchases by their children and even set purchasing limits through a mobile app developed by the company.

This ‘Smart Uniforms’ even are washable too, according to the Guizhou Guanyu Technology Company, which developed these uniforms, each outfit can tolerate up to 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit) and 500 washes.

And of course, there are so many positive and negative reviews on the ‘Smart Uniforms’. For the parents, they feel more safely as now they can monitor their children once they leave the house for school. On the other hands, the negative reviews come from some netizens as well. One of them gives a response like:

“Are they going to school or going to prison?”

And the other also added,

“Don’t children have human rights and privacy?”

What is your own opinion about this? From my side, I think it depends on from which angle you see this ‘Smart Uniforms’ are. Means, if you take the angle from parents, then obviously you will give a positive review, but in case if you take the students’ angle, well, we all know the answer.

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