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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Beat Bode Akuna


Bode combines blaster fighting and the Shien lightsaber form to create an aggressive and cunning opponent. If you want to win this fight, you must be as cunning as Bode, whether you’re unsure about the general strategy, which attacks to prioritize, or which of the game’s several stances to employ. You can learn how to defeat Bode Akuna in Star Wars Jedi Survivor by reading this article:

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Where Bode Akuna is Located?

Bode is located in Tanalorr’s Temple Atrium after rearranging the arrays on Koboh. At the entrance to the temple, you can locate his daughter Katta, who will lead you to her father. Following the cutscene, you and Bode will engage in combat.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Beat Bode Akuna

Best Strategy to Defeat Bode

Jedi: Survivor’s final boss battle features Bode Akuna’s assault pattern, which varies between lightsaber throws, lightsaber attacks, blaster fire, and grenades. Because of this, you will be forced to continuously dodge explosives while holding your pistol in the Blaster posture, readying yourself to parry as he approaches you with his lightsaber and takes a few hits before backing away once more.

Although it’s limited to certain battle segments, you can use Merrin’s strikes to disrupt Bode when she’s your partner in this fight. The last boss battle picks up steam in the second half, with Bode’s patterns become more violent as his rage builds. He will attempt to reach you more quickly with his lightsaber attacks, which are heavier and faster.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Beat Bode Akuna

In addition, he will utilize ranged Force slash attacks and area damage, which can only be avoided by hopping in the other way with each swing. You can, however, employ the Dark side-infused Slow attack to repeatedly hit Bode with devastating blows for additional damage at least a few times.

However, remember that Bode can still hit you back, so you’ll need to deflect his blows. In general, just be patient. Remain safe, closing the distance only to strike forcefully when necessary without going overboard.

How to Beat Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna, the last boss in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, engages in an endgame duel with the other bosses in the game, each of whom has unique attack patterns and fighting styles.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Beat Bode Akuna

When you eventually arrive in Tanalorr and square up against the treacherous Bode, who is skilled in both mercenary and Jedi fighting techniques, you’ll need to prevail by combining the two. These include quick lightsaber attacks in addition to blaster fire and bombs.


What is the best stance to defeat Bode?

We advise using the Crossguard posture with its down-smashing strike during this early segment. You can maintain your distance and deal with roughly one-third of Bode’s stun gauge using this.

Is it possible to beat Bode?

Sadly, Cal will always lose this battle in order to move the plot forward. Players will still have to make an effort in spite of it. The only thing to do in this situation is try to survive as long as you can by avoiding and parrying Bode’s moves because this fight cannot be won.

Why is it so hard to beat Bode?

Bode is quite quick, and he’ll show you that immediately. Bode will charge toward you and attempt to use his lightsaber to strike you as soon as he has control. Bode executes an uppercut before flipping backwards and firing his blaster, making this move quite forceful.

Is Bode a Sith Jedi: Survivor?

Bode Akuna would be the last boss in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and technically a Dark Jedi rather than a Sith (which may be argued on behalf of Dagan Gera too). Players discover upon arriving there that he was a Jedi during the Clone Wars who survived the Purge.

Who is the bad guy in Jedi: Survivor?

Jedi: Survivor Opens With Dagan Gera as an Entertaining & Potential Villain. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Dagan gets off to a great start. He starts talking to Cal in monologue as his kyber crystal is bleeding.