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Forspoken – How to Dodge


In Forspoken, dodging is crucial to surviving, particularly during boss battles where the main character, Frey Holland, takes a lot of damage. In addition to having an extensive combat system that sets it apart from Square Enix’s other games, this open-world action role-playing game is jam-packed with the customary assortment of open-world activities. In the fantastical realm of Athea, avoiding strong attacks can mean the difference between life and death. This post will walk you through how to backpedal in spoken language:

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When Do You Unlock Dodge in Forspoken?

You must go through Chapter 2 and defeat Chapalania to unlock Dodge, also known as Flow. Frey will level up and gain some Mana after defeating him. To unlock new spells, utilize this Mana in the Magic section of the main menu. This is the tutorial area where Flow is automatically learned and requires 10 Mana to unlock. And once you have, it will be much simpler to dodge attacks by quickly running away from danger.

On a PlayStation 5, simultaneously hold down the left joystick and the Circle button to activate Flow. However, since utilizing the claw technique will be required, which can become uncomfortable quickly, feel free to change this in the options to Toggle.

How to Unlock Dodge

Frey Holland is running from gang members and learning how to use her powers in the early parts of Forspoken. You can learn how to dodge until you battle the feral Breakbeast Dragon in campaign chapter two. This encounter is crucial to the plot and will initiate tutorials for various new combat skills, such as magic parkour and dodging. You cannot miss it.

Forspoken - How to Dodge

Gaining high battle ranks, conquering world bosses, and taking on challenging difficulties all depend on mastering the dodge’s subtleties. Utilize Frey’s agility to your advantage and overcome every challenge Athia presents.

How to Dodge

To survive the many boss battles in Forspoken, including the terrifying but optional Mutant world bosses, you must learn how to dodge. Evasion is the only way for Frey to avoid damage because she cannot block like in a traditional action game, and her party cannot be activated until she has taken damage. You must aim with L2 or R2 and press Circle to use dodge.

Forspoken - How to Dodge

Doing this lets you keep your target in sight while Frey can flip to the left or right. Forspoken offers two unique evasion techniques. You can continuously block enemy attacks by holding down the evasion button, but doing so will deplete your stamina. Your evasion and magic parkour techniques will be ineffective until your stamina meter refills if it is low.

Forspoken - How to Dodge

In boss battles, you may be punished for this. You have to wait until the enemy attack is about to land, then press Circle to dodge just in time to execute the perfect dodge. Moreover, doing so won’t deplete your energy and allow Frey to use her spells to ward off danger.


Can you return to areas in Forspoken?

Yes, you will return to the outside world after completing each interior level. I advise looking through the special weapon mod testing grounds.

What do you do in Forspoken?

You can explore four distinct areas in Forspoken, each of which has a number of tasks to finish, like taking pictures, beating opponents at deserted ruins, and completing detours.

What happens if you choose home in Forspoken?

Should players choose to go back to New York, they will be rewarded with a 20-second cutscene wherein Frey and Homer stroll through Hell’s Kitchen’s streets.

Can you romance in Forspoken?

Frey begins to soften a bit, but Forspoken lacks romance. Romance enthusiasts, the answer is no. The game has absolutely no romance. It’s not going to happen, even though you might be shipping Frey with Auden, whom she initially writes off as a peasant girl.

Is Forspoken a fun game?

Its enjoyable parkour is made more difficult to endure by a mediocre plot and combat. You can truly enjoy yourself when exploring the world in Forspoken, and the same is true of the combat system. However, the overall direction, strange visual presentation, and writing can seriously detract from the entire experience.