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Redfall – How to Get the Ferry Deck Key


In the game Redfall, gathering weapons and taking alternate routes are key strategies. And as much as soon as you take control of your character on the ferry, you have your first shot at using both of these functions. There are several ways for players to enter the open world, and finding the Ferry Deck key is one of them. You may learn how to obtain the ferry deck key in Redfall by reading this article:

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How to Find the Ferry Deck Key

  • When you awaken, walk past the captain’s corpse and down the stairs.
  • I’ll see you in the café. Make a right turn and proceed for the wide windows overlooking the deck.

Redfall - How to Get the Ferry Deck Key

  • The deceased woman with the gun is to the right of these windows. You can melee them to break the glass, or you can use this pistol to shatter the panes.
  • Shatter the glass and get through.
  • Turn right while you’re on the deck to notice a hatch leading to a lower level.

Redfall - How to Get the Ferry Deck Key

  • Lower yourself.
  • There’s a man over the entrance with the Ferry Dock Key.

Redfall - How to Get the Ferry Deck Key

How to Use the Ferry Deck Key

After obtaining the key, you should return to the boat’s center level, which houses the dining spaces and coffee shop. To get there, retrace your steps through the section where you obtained the gun and up the stairs to the right, where you will find a locked door that you can open. After entering that space, do a quick 180-degree spin to observe the large metal doors above.

Redfall - How to Get the Ferry Deck Key


Where is the key in Redfall?

Whichever room you open last on the upstairs floor will contain the key. Thus, it might be in Agnes’s, Katherine’s, or Hester’s room. It will be close to a notebook. The Sisterhood accomplishment will become available after you enter the basement and take hold of the blood remnant.

How many grave locks are in Redfall?

We call these Grave Locks. The game has a total of 100, with 45 of them located in Redfall Commons and 55 at Burial Point, the second section. The locations of the Grave Locks in Redfall Commons are listed below.

What is the best gun in Redfall?

One of the strongest weapons in the game is without a doubt the Stake Launcher. It does, however, have a few significant disadvantages despite its powerful capabilities. First of all, since it’s a single-shot weapon, you must be certain that you will strike your target when you fire a stake.

What is the highest level in Redfall?

Redfall’s maximum level is 40, therefore if you continue to play after that, you won’t get any more levels or skill points. In the future, patches or additional DLCs could increase this figure.

Where do you get legendary weapons in Redfall?

Exit at Basswood Safehouse, turn right, and ascend the cement stairs to the next street, which is located behind the safehouse door. Follow the road south until you get to the Pawn Shop on your left. A sizable safe inside the Pawn Shop holds the fabled

How do you farm XP in Redfall?

Once the nest begins to hatch, you can farm experience points. When a large blue circle appears on the map, it indicates the presence of a nest nearby. You should enter the nest as soon as one appears, eliminate every vampire within, and proceed to the finish as usual.