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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to Clean the Fish Tank


One of the many pastimes in Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh that is mentioned is the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fish tank. The fish tank is accessible if you go to the Forest Array, return to the Mantis, and open the top saloon level. However, it has seen better days. It’s a nice diversion when you’re not dealing with the galaxy’s deplorable hive of villainy and filth. But returning to a dirty fish tank in between tasks might be disheartening. You may learn how to clean the fish tank in Star Wars Jedi Survivor by reading this article:

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How to Clean the Fish Tank

On Koboh, you can unlock Pyloon’s Saloon early in the game. You’ll assemble people to fill it as you advance. A droid DJ, a fisherman named Skoova Stev, gamblers who manage a casino, and an extraterrestrial that looks after the rooftop garden are all present. You’ll need this tiny alien companion to identify fish on the worlds you visit. The fish tank must be kept clean, and this is also essential.

1. Early in the game, you can visit Pyloon’s Saloon as your primary base of operations, but not all of its regions will be available to you. The second floor contains the fish tank, but access to it is only available once you’ve enlisted Zee, the old droid. You can’t miss her since she’s involved in the primary objective.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Clean the Fish Tank

2. On Koboh, you can locate the quirky extraterrestrial Skoova Stev. Specifically, Stev can be found near Foothill Falls along the route leading to the Mountain Ascent. Although Stev is an optional recruit, it’s difficult to miss him if you’re in the vicinity. Speak with Stev about joining Pyloon’s Saloon.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Clean the Fish Tank

3. Catching more fish is the only way to clean the fish tank. It seems contradictory because you would think a tank with more fish would be dirtier. The Force operates in unexpected ways. The appearance of the tank will progressively improve as you collect more fish. It will look immaculate When you’ve caught every fish in the game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - How to Clean the Fish Tank

4. To locate uncharted territory on a planet, swipe up your holographic map and look for the yellow-highlighted spots.  Stev may be found in these locations. Even though Stev is tiny, it’s difficult to miss him because he’s always perched atop a barge.


Who is the fish tank guy in Jedi survivor?

There will be a strange man standing on a boat. Talk to him and use all of his dialogue; there is a lot to it. After introducing himself as master fisherman Skoova Skev, Cal will finally ask him to visit Pyloon’s Saloon so he may see the aquarium there.

Who betrays Cal Kestis in Jedi Survivor?

Bode determines that the hidden world is his only chance to save himself and Kata from the Empire after learning about Tanalorr. He makes the decision to turn against Cal and informs the Inquitorius and IBS about the hidden base on Jedha.

How do you interact with aquarium Jedi survivor?

Visit Pyloon’s Saloon upstairs to engage with the aquarium whenever you like. Keep in mind that the aquarium gets cleaner the more fish that are added. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is currently playable on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Do you fight Darth Vader in Jedi: Survivor?

Once the remaining Anchorites have been safely evacuated, Master Junda uploads a drive to BD-1 and gives the small droid instructions to transport it to the Mantis. Darth Vader shows there before Junda can finish rescuing the Jedi Archives, sparking a fierce combat.

Is the night sister in Jedi: Survivor?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor chronicles our main character, Cal Kestis, as he travels through a galaxy ruled by the Empire. Along the trip, he meets up with Merrin, the final Nightsister from Dathomir, an old friend.