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Redfall – How to Get Rif of Red Mist


While Redfall’s red mist makes sense, players find it extremely annoying. The red mist, which can occasionally obstruct roads, shortcuts, and even entire areas, is poisonous and will soon inflict harm on anyone foolish enough to venture into it. Though cultists and vampires abound in Redfall, the most vexing threat may be the red mist that obscures important pathways and landmarks in the town. This post will walk you through removing the red mist in Redfall.

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How to Get Rif of Red Mist

In Refall, there are two methods for removing red mist.:

  • Use a Portable UV Beam gun
  • Use a UV Light Generator

Since this ‘Death Mist Spewer’ is the source of the bothersome substance, your objective is to use one of them to temporarily clear the mist so you may kill the creature in the middle of the mist. Using a UV light generator is the simpler of the two techniques because it doesn’t require any ammunition and can be easily positioned close to the boundaries of certain mist patches.

Redfall - How to Get Rif of Red Mist

The drawback is that you have to search for a UV Beam cannon because not every red mist area has a UV Light Generator close by. You’ll need to equip a portable UV beam pistol for the larger red mist areas without a UV light generator, and then look for the repulsive creature, which is always inside the red mist area and generally around the center.

Remind yourself to stay near the edges to avoid getting hurt! Once you locate the Death Mist Spewer, petrify it by holding down the shot button with your UV Beam rifle. Then, move rapidly to assault the creature with a melee attack while the mist is briefly gone.

Redfall - How to Get Rif of Red Mist

If the creature is killed in the middle of a patch, the red mist will vanish forever. It is advised to always have a portable UV beam gun on hand in order to ensure that mist can be cleared. They drop at random, but if you’re lucky, you can try another way and possibly obtain one.

What If You Can’t See The Mist Generators?

Some of the generators could be difficult to locate, especially if the red mist field is level and uniform. To better understand the situation below, try to get to a higher location. By now, you should have acquired a sniper rifle, so make use of it to locate the generator by zooming in.

Redfall - How to Get Rif of Red Mist

On one occasion, we did come upon a generator that was partially embedded in the ground. We had to sift through the fog and give it a close-up zap, although we’re not sure if this was a bug or a design choice. But it is not common. For the most part, you should be able to neutralize the mist generators and destroy them by using the UV Beam Gun from a close distance.


How do you use UV beam Redfall?

In Redfall, this is precisely what you must do to remove the crimson mist. You’ll need to use your portable UV beam to blast a small vampire that resembles a gargoyle that is somewhere in the middle of all that terrible red stuff. Once you aim your laser at it, watch as it turns into stone.

What is the butterfly symbol in Redfall?

Locations bearing a butterfly emblem indicate to players that the Hollow Man or his scientists conducted experiments there. In order to reach the highest level, players may break into homes in the hopes of finding experience or treasure, but homes with butterflies on them will provide them with both and more.

What is the best gun in Redfall?

One of the strongest weapons in the game is without a doubt the Stake Launcher. It does, however, have a few significant disadvantages despite its powerful capabilities. First of all, since it’s a single-shot weapon, you need to be sure you’ll hit your target before firing a stake.

How many safehouses are in Redfall?

You can unlock a total of thirteen safehouses in Redfall. This comprises eight safehouses in Burial Point and five safehouses in Redfall Commons.

How many maps does Redfall have?

You can explore two sizable Redfall maps. Upon your initial arrival in each, you will be led to a building that you must free from enemy control. When you complete this, the building will turn into your base, and you will be able to quickly move from the field to it.