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Starfield: NPCs Turning Hostile Operation Starseed Bug Fix


Operation Starseed is another Starfield mission that appears to have a bug for some players. The problem makes all of the nearby NPCs hostile, which makes it very difficult to continue. Some of the worst offenders can break the game, but some are as minor as a quest marker not spawning. One that’s currently giving players grief is located during Operation Starseed and involves hostile NPCs. You will learn about the Starfield Operation Starseed bug fix in this article:

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What Is NPCs Turning Hostile Bug in Operation Starseed?

The problem essentially has to do with Charybdis’s NPCs becoming hostile and attacking gullible players. “Talk to Roosevelt” is one of your mission objectives in Operation Starseed. But according to reports, a lot of players are having problems where the player suddenly finds themselves under fire from the 32nd president of the United States.

Starfield: NPCs Turning Hostile Operation Starseed Bug Fix

This sets off a massive conflict in which every inhabitant of the Crucible joins in. Naturally, those who were adamant about completing the quest will probably find themselves at a loss for what to do to defuse the situation.

How to Fix NPCs Turning Hostile Operation Starseed Bug

Based on our research, we’ve identified many potential solutions for the Operation Starseed glitch:

  • We escaped the bug by returning to our spaceship and sleeping for a full day. When we got back, every NPC was submissive and helpful. Go ahead and chat with Franklin Roosevelt to continue your quest.
  • If it doesn’t get things working again, trying reloading a prior save is another option. Many gamers have indicated that this has resolved the issue for them.
  • Restarting your computer or console and starting the game over is a third alternative.
  • The last option is to be patient and wait for a patch to resolve the problem. Although this isn’t a permanent solution, Bethesda may release a patch in the future to remedy the issue.

Which society should you choose in Operation Starseed?

You’re getting ready to tell Ada Lovelace about your findings when a disagreement breaks out among the three group leaders. It’s obvious that tempers are flaring and that things may easily escalate violently. Choosing a side to assist defuse the tension is a difficult task.

There are good arguments to be made for supporting either the Believers or the Skeptics. They tend to have the least internal friction and give a solution that’s closest to a center ground. However, there are pros and cons to every alternative, so make sure you give it some serious thought.

What happens if you choose Pragmatists?

If you choose to side with Roosevelt, you’ll have the opportunity to convince Amanirenas to forego a battle. But Genghis is unyielding and refuses to give in. A showdown ensues, and now you must overcome the formidable Genghis Khan.

What happens if you choose Believers?

By deciding to stand with Amanirenas, you’ll have the choice to let Genghis and his Renegades go quietly. In addition, if you use the appropriate phrases, you can convince Roosevelt to stay on your side despite Genghis’s intentions.

What happens if you choose Renegades?

The risks and benefits of backing Genghis Khan are not to be underestimated. You can gain Roosevelt’s trust and support if you can convince him to prevent the destruction of Crucible. But Amanirenas won’t back your cause, so you’ll have to go to battle against her and her followers.


How do you reset hostile NPCS in Starfield?

After sleeping for five or six days, my hatred was reset, and I was able to continue playing the game. This may make the game impossible to play. Try not to freak out. Find a place to rest your head.

What is the glitch in the Starseed mission?

After you have finished fighting one of the groups, there is a bug that causes all of the other villagers to randomly attack you at the same time for no reason. The solution is to flee the area without harming anyone, take some time to rest, and then return to see that things have returned to normal. This flaw, along with the accompanying patch, may be found in the online documentation.

Who to side with Operation Starseed?

You can get Franklin to stop fighting and Genghis to leave Crucible if you’re on the Believers’ side. As long as you don’t dwell on it too much, this is the (calmest) choice. If you’re on Franklin’s good side, you can stop him from destroying Crucible by convincing Genghis to back down.

How do I get rid of NPC hostility?

With a Celestial Dew in hand, players can visit the Church of Vows and make amends with the statue at the altar (a conversation with the Turtle Pope of Elden Ring is optional). All previous animosity from NPCs toward the player will be erased.

What happens if you side with Genghis Khan Starfield?

If you choose to liberate him throughout the Crucible questline, he will become a sociable NPC you can meet whenever you like. Every time you encounter him, he’ll be piloting a more powerful vessel.