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Stray Blade – How to Get Weapons and Armor


Every action role-playing game has vital elements such as your armor and weaponry. If you want to progress in a game like Stray Blade, you’ll need the right armor and weaponry to support them. Are you a fan of ranged attacks? Is wearing a lot of armor essential to your survival? In that instance, you will need to make it. You must become an expert smith because forging is the only method to get new armor and weapons in Stray Blade. By reading this post, you will discover how to get armor and weapons in Stray Blade:

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How to Get Weapons and Armor

Initially, you will find Farren’s ancient, rusted weapon, which has been buried for an unknown amount of time. You will ultimately obtain the blueprints to build a new weapon after working with current one for a while. You will encounter your first forge soon after this. If you have the necessary blueprints, you can create armor and weaponry using these massive constructions.

Stray Blade - How to Get Weapons and Armor

The crafting menu will appear when you interact with a forge. You may see all of the armor and weapon blueprints you have collected along the way in this menu. You’ll need the supplies mentioned at the bottom of the screen to make one of these things. Choose the craft option and you will create the chosen item if you have all of them. You will always possess an item once you have crafted it.

Getting blueprints

At a forge, blueprints are needed to create armor and weapons. Put on your boots for adventure—there are a few ways to gather blueprints, all of which require traveling. Initially, chests contain blueprints. Although they are hidden all over the place for you to find, chests typically show up at enemy encampments.

Stray Blade - How to Get Weapons and Armor

Secondly, overcoming opponents will grant you blueprints. Usually, you can obtain the blueprint for the weapon that an opponent is wielding. For example, there’s a chance you’ll acquire the blueprint for the spear if you use it to kill an adversary.


Where is the mural in the stray blade?

Straight ahead, up several rock ledges, is the mural. Sunken Tower: Proceed westward from the Flux Fungus until the trail veers to the northwest and circles the tower. Proceed northwest until you reach the left-hand mural on the wall. Hollow Chasm: descend via the vines by heading south from the Rebirth Shrine.

What is the resolution of stray blade?

Even without DLSS or FSR, a game like Stray Blade shouldn’t have any issues running at 4K resolution on a hardware like mine. Things did fare better at 1440p resolution with a smoother 100 FPS average at high settings.

Who is the main character in the stray blade?

A talking wolf by the name of Boji subsequently brings the adventurer Farren West back to life, having died while searching for the Lost Valley of Acrea. In order to break away from the grip of a crystal Boji that was used to resurrect West, players take control of West, who can be modified to be either male or female. One Soulslike is Stray Blade.

Can my PC run Stray blade?

Demands an operating system and CPU that are 64-bit. OS: Windows 10 64-bit. Processor: Intel Core i7-6700 (4 * 3400) or AMD FX-9590 (8 * 4700) or comparable RAM size: 8 GB.