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Wild Hearts – How to Get Pet Kemono Seed


With its distinctive and lovely feudal Japan backdrop, Koei Tecmo’s entry into the monster-hunting genre, Wild Hearts, offers gameplay akin to that of Monster Hunter. Some people wish to unwind and make friends with the little ones, while others might think it’s fun to slay Kemonos in their spare time. Obtaining Pet Kemono Seeds is one benefit of catching one. You can learn how to obtain pet kemono seed in wild hearts by reading this article:

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How to Get Pet Kemono Seed

You must catch the little squirrel or snake Kemono in order to obtain Pet Kemono Seed in Wild Hearts. The first area you’ll get to wander freely is the Haragasumi Way, home of the Berrybright Squirrel and Canecrown Viper, which are the simplest to locate early on.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Pet Kemono Seed

Take hold of one of these little creatures, then go back to your Wildlife Cage and engage with it to put it inside. After completed, all that’s left to do is wait. Make a cup of tea, go fight a Kemono, or just sit there staring at your screen. Regardless of the option you select, the “Collect Materials” prompt will soon show up in front of the cage.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Pet Kemono Seed

You will receive Pet Kemono Seed in Wild Hearts if you interact once more. To easily create a huge amount of whatever pet supplies you need in one go, we advise setting up a group of cages together.

Best Way to Farm Pet Kemono Seeds

It’s time to take advantage of or “befriend” the Kemonos you should catch now that you know who they are. Below the Launcher, you’ll need 1,000 Kemono Orbs for Wildlife Cage Karakuri: Thrift ability using this approach. This area of Karakuri upgrades will probably be covered in Chapter 2.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Pet Kemono Seed

Build a Karakuri upgrade in your base as soon as you obtain one. Engage with the empty cage, making sure to position the Kemonos specified above. After some time, you ought to be able to collect Pet Kemono seeds from them. The nicest thing about this strategy is that, provided you have the money, you can set up multiple Wildlife Cages and, following a hunt, harvest multiple Pet Kemono Seeds.


How do you get giant Kemono gems in Wild Hearts?

The Earthbreaker is the first, which can be unlocked later in the main narrative. Although this is a difficult encounter against an enormous Kemono, winning it will award you with some Giant Kemono Gems that you may use to enhance your armor and weaponry. A Mighty Goldshard is the second Kemono you can battle for this substance.

What does weak Kemono mean in Wild Hearts?

Weak Kemono gives you less damage and has lower HP. Seething Rage: rage that comes on quickly and deals greater damage or speed when furious.

What is the hardest Kemono in Wild Hearts?

Lavaback. The Lavaback, who can move with great agility and unleash powerful assaults that can take out even the most skilled hunters, is arguably the most difficult Kemono in the first chapter of Wild Hearts.

Where is Amaterasu Wild Hearts?

In Wild Hearts, Kemono’s Wood characteristic is Amaterasu. The first time you get to battle Amaterasu is when the Kemono attacks Minato village and threatens to destroy it. You and your allies will need to band together and drive the settlement back in order to save it.

What is the easiest weapon in Wild Hearts?

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you encounter in Wild Hearts for a reason. It’s a fantastic all-arounder with good damage, range, and repositioning ability that’s simple to learn and master.