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Street Fighter 6: How to play Dee Jay (Moves, Combos & Backstory)


Now that eager gamers everywhere have Street Fighter 6, you must familiarize yourself with your playable characters and the opponents you’ll face. Dee Jay, who debuted in Street Fighter 2, is a skilled martial artist and a famous singer and performer. Following this guide, you will be able to assume the role of Dee Jay in the game confidently. Here’s how to put it into action:

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Who is Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6?

In Street Fighter 6, Dee Jay is a kickboxing expert who is also notorious for her unending desire to flirt with other people. On the other hand, he has a propensity to be drawn to those who are on par with him in terms of their fighting ability.

In Street Fighter 2, his primary objective was not to engage in combat. He entered the fray in order to locate the ideal rhythm for his subsequent record, which, by all accounts, turned out to be a massive success by the time the game was through.

Dee Jay Strategies

In Street Fighter 6, Dee Jay may get extremely close to his opponents by using a wide variety of techniques. Once he’s in range, he can use his Special Moves to set the tempo, whether that’s to punish his foes or to pin them down so he can wreak havoc with his unrelenting attacks.

When the pressure from an opponent becomes too much, though, Dee Jay also has viable escape routes. With his Air Slasher, he can zone with the best of them, and anti-air techniques like Jackknife Maximum help him keep jumping foes on the ground.

Keep ‘Em Guessing

Players should learn which attacks they can use to counter Dee Jay’s light attack Special Moves, as all of these moves are actually feints. His Light Jackknife Maximum, for instance, launches him into the air, where his Knee Shot special move can be used to start a respectable combination.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay Guide

Depending on whatever kick button is selected, his Jus Cool Special Attack will either be a low sweep, an overhead kick, or a quick launcher. Players of Dee Jay need to master the timing of these moves in conjunction with their juggling and feinting to maintain pressure on their opponents.

Learn His Punish Counter Attacks

Dee Jay’s most lethal combos occur during Punish Counters. If an opponent falls for the ruse, he can easily tag them with a Heavy Punch or Super Art 1. Players of Dee Jay need, therefore, learn which of his other attacks qualify as Punish Counters and determine the optimal range at which to use them in battle.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay Guide

Memorize the Super Art 2 Buttons

Players have a small window of time after executing Dee Jay’s Super Art 2 to press the appropriate buttons to continue the combination. Since mashing buttons won’t finish the Super Art combo, players need to memorize which buttons to push and timing them with the rhythm or visual indicator (the notes) to keep the combo continuing.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay Guide

Players need also be mindful of which heavy button they would select at the end of the combo: When used against an opponent who is close to the corner, Heavy Punch will cause the player to exchange sides with them, while Heavy Kick is best employed in the same situation.

Master the Jus Cool Follow-Ups

Players are given a wide range of options in Dee Jay’s Jus Cool to annoy their opponent further. When the enemy is cornered, this tactic is very lethal: Waning Moon lets Dee Jay to keep his combination going even if the first attack is blocked, and Funky Slicer is useful for stopping opponents that try to poke out of the corner.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay Guide

If your opponent keeps jumping out of your way, you can counter with Maximum Strike, which can also be chained into combinations. You can further confuse your opponents by using the Juggling Dash and the Juggling Sway to close and distance yourself from them. Players who time their use of Juggling Dash correctly can avoid projectiles. Because of his rush-in choices, Dee Jay can play clever mind games by utilizing a wide variety of mix-ups and throw loops.

Practice and Master His Charge Attacks

Dee Jay’s charge attacks are the foundation of his most devastating combo chains. If you want to make the most of his damage potential, you need to master the Air Slasher and Jackknife Maximum and use them reliably.

The ability to flawlessly perform a Medium or Heavy Jackknife Maximum is crucial for corner combos. Otherwise, they can apply pressure in the corners with Machine Gun Uppercuts.

How to Counter Dee Jay

Players of Dee Jay will analyze their opponents’ body language for clues as to whether they will play aggressively or defensively. Players up against Dee Jay would do well to make themselves as difficult to predict as possible by maintaining an even level of aggression throughout the match.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay Guide

When pressed for space, most Dee Jay players will attempt a Throw Loop on their opponent. Keep this strategy in mind and prepare appropriate countermeasures. His attacks require a lot of energy from him, especially the Jackknife Maximum and the Machine Gun Uppercut, leaving him vulnerable if they miss. If he misses with these assaults, his opponents can respond with a devastating combo of their own.

Drive Gauge is also used carelessly by veteran Dee Jay players. If you’re up against a really aggressive Dee Jay player, you should wait until they’ve nearly depleted their Drive Gauge before turning the tables and chunking out the last bar, sending them into Burnout.

Dee Jay’s Strengths

Due to his airy demeanor, Dee Jay is a master of switching things up. He can get very close to his opponent with a rapid forward dash and a Drive Rush. His hefty Air Slasher gives him an advantage in air battles, and he usually comes out on top when two projectiles collide. The opponent may not have time to defend themself, leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up combo as you quickly close the distance between you.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay Guide

When it comes to combos, you should always try to close the distance between you and your opponent so that you can deal out substantial amounts of damage to their health. For those who enjoy playing mind games with their opponents, Dee Jay is a fantastic character because of his ability to fool them into thinking he will do one thing before actually doing something another.

Dee Jay’s Weaknesses

Dee Jay has his flaws, to be sure. DJ has trouble canceling moves, a common mechanic in Street Fighter games, and a poorly timed cancel gives opponents an opening to counterattack. Dee Jay struggles to come back from being on the defensive, especially when facing an experienced opponent who is pressing the attack.

Street Fighter 6: Dee Jay Guide


How old is Dee Jay sf6?

Dee Jay is well into his 60s, but he does not appear a single year older than he was when he was 40. The man’s vibes have unquestionably maintained him in tip-top shape.

Who voices Dee Jay in Street Fighter?

Kenji Hamada provides the voice of Dee Jay in the original Japanese version of Street Fighter 6, while Zeno Robinson provides the voice for the English dub.

Is Dee Jay a charge character in sf6?

But in Street Fighter 6, Dee Jay’s style of play has undergone significant revisions. Dee Jay’s former reputation as a “charge” protagonist has faded. As a result, he had to play cautiously, saving his energy for later when he could unleash devastating blows. In contrast, his status as a “hybrid” fighter is officially verified in Street Fighter 6.