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Lies Of P: 5 Best Side Quests


It’s not uncommon for Soulslike games to provide side quests or optional missions. Players can ‘resume’ character side missions from several points throughout their trip in the original Dark Souls games, as many of these NPCs reappear throughout the course of the game. The NPC’s requests for Pinocchio in Lies of P are less complicated, and the game’s user interface design makes it much easier to complete the side missions. Best Lies of P: Parasites Side Quests Exposed!

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The Old Lady

At the beginning of Chapter 6, you can encounter an old lady in a window on Rosa Isabelle Street, and she will ask you to retrieve a bottle of her favorite wine from Lorenzini Arcade.

Lies Of P: 5 Best Side Quests

Due to the fact that you won’t be able to visit Lorenzini Arcade until Chapter 7, completing this side mission will take a little longer than others. After dispatching a challenging mini-boss, you’ll locate a wine vault down in the basement. The woman will reward you with half a moonstone and a collector’s coin that Pulcinella can value if you return the wine to her.


It’s surprising to find a survivor in a location so filled with formidable foes, but you’ll meet Adelina, a former actress who is now suffering from the petrification sickness, when you explore the Estella Opera House at the end of Chapter 6.

Lies Of P: 5 Best Side Quests

You can make her last moments more tolerable by giving her an apple, but you can only do so if you have increased Polendina’s stock in the Hotel. If you want to complete this task, you must do it before defeating the King of Puppets in Chapter 6.


When it comes to harmful puppets, Rosa Isabelle Street is one of the worst in Lies of P. Why it’s so shocking to discover Julian hiding out with a stargazer. As he grieves, he has asked you to locate his wife and retrieve her stuff. Her dead body is easy to locate, and his wedding ring is retrievable, but the revelation that she is a puppet comes as quite a shock.

Lies Of P: 5 Best Side Quests

You have the option of either lying in Julian’s defense or being honest about the bizarreness of the scenario. If you tell a lie, you can keep his ring and activate a special gesture. The wedding ring serves a purpose, since it is later used to validate Polendina’s feelings for Lady Antonia.


P is warned early on that if word gets out about the safety of Hotel Krat, the area will quickly become overrun with unreliable groups. This is why you could feel confused about what to do during your first encounter with Alidoro in the church.

Lies Of P: 5 Best Side Quests

It’s hard to tell if the eccentric person can be trusted, so it’s tempting to tell a lie when he asks if you know of a safe spot. You get a do-over if you send him to Vegnini Works, and he’ll still find his way to Hotel Krat, where he’s a reliable ally even if you’re dishonest.

Venigni And Pulcinella

Finding your way to the finish of Venigni Works, one of the first sections in Lies of P with a less linear structure, might be challenging. You’ll discover Venigni not far from the finish line. He’ll instruct you to track out his puppet butler, Pulicinella. The vastness of the level makes this seem like a daunting task, but tracking down Venigni’s pal is actually much easier than it looks.

Lies Of P: 5 Best Side Quests

The third boss in the game is located not far from Venigni, and this is also where you’ll find the damaged puppet. Therefore, returning Pulcinella is not too difficult after you have defeated the boss.


Who is the main character in the Lies of P game?

The player takes control of Pinocchio, or “P” for short, in Lies of P. He is Geppetto’s surrogate son and a puppet, hence he is immune to the chaos. Throughout Lies of P, he will be given various opportunities to either remain a puppet or transform into a genuine boy.

What is the age rating for Lies of P?

This film has been given the PEGI 16 rating because it contains graphic brutality towards fantasy characters as well as sequences of strong and persistent fear.

How many chapters are in Lies of P?

The book “Lies of P” is divided into 11 chapters. You will be able to teleport between each of these sites using the Stargazer, which operates in the same manner that bonfires do in FromSoftware’s Souls games. Each of these chapters will have new destinations and sub-locations spread out around the city of Krat.

Who is the final boss in the Lies of P?

In the end, Pinocchio always faces Simon Manus, the Alchemists’ leader. The fight calls for simple parrying and taking advantage of openings to defeat him. After the battle, take the elevator back down to see how things turn out.