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Tchia – How to Clear Maano Camps


Tchia is an open world adventure game focused on discovery and puzzle solving. Only when you go to the Maano camps can you engage in fight. Some of the rules of the probability game apply to the Maano fabric designers and how to defeat them in Tchia, much like paper covers rock, scissors cut paper, and rock beats scissors in Rock, Paper, Scissors. How to Efface Maano Camps in Tchia is Explained Here.

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How to Clear Maano Camps in Tchia

The primary goal of all Maano camps in Tchia is the same: to destroy all Maano Soldiers (magical fabric monsters) and fabric stacks. Avoid getting caught by the Soldiers while throwing fiery or explosive objects at them, such as oil lamps, gas cans, burning logs, and Ijagit.

All Maano camps feature at least one fire and several oil lamps and gas cans laying around, and some also have stacks of Ijagit.  Soul Soul Throw anything you jump into toward a Maano Soldier or fabric pile to set fire to them. Larger Maano camps can be found in industrial areas.

Tchia - How to Clear Maano Camps

You’ll need to use explosives to get rid of the Maano Sentinels guarding the manufacturing Maano encampment.  Sentinels are stationed at strategic spots around the factories and keep watch, but unlike the Soldiers, they won’t go after you if you run. The Maano camp will be clear once all the soldiers and sentinels have been eliminated and the fabric heaps have been torched.

Some Helpful Tips to Clear Maano Camps

You can pick up explosive objects and throw them the old-fashioned manner, but Soul Throwing is considerably more effective. You may direct and intensify the force of your throw using it, making it more accurate.

Tchia - How to Clear Maano Camps

The Mwaaken are mythological totems rumored to be capable of hurling flames at great distances. Soul You can kill Maano Soldiers, Sentinels, and fabric piles from far away if you get in a Mwaaken. You can locate legendary Mwaaken at specific shrines across the archipelago, or you can sail to Ieji Sinoe, complete the rock stacking task, and learn the Soul Melody to call them.

Clearing Maano Camps Rewards

It is possible to find unmarked Valuables Chests in ordinary Mwaaken camps by torching all of the fabric heaps there. After clearing out the larger Maano camps found in factories, uncommon large Stamina Fruits will become available. Consuming one of these fruits will grant Tchia a permanent increase in stamina equal to five points.


What is the main story of Tchia?

The video game Tchia is an action-adventure title that is experienced from a third-person perspective while being played. The user takes control of the game’s protagonist, who is tasked with navigating a lush tropical archipelago in order to locate and free her abductor father.

Who is the main character in Tchia?

The narrative of Tchia, which is heavily influenced by New Caledonia, follows the titular character, Tchia, as she navigates a fictitious archipelago in an effort to save her kidnapped father and return the country to its natural state of equilibrium.

Is Tchia free?

The announcement of its rapid release is exciting, but even more so is the fact that those of you who already pay for PlayStation Plus Premium or Extra will be able to download it at no additional cost. New Caledonia is the source of inspiration for the video game Tchia, which takes place on a series of islands in the southwestern Pacific.

Where can I find pearls in Tchia?

Pearls can be discovered buried deep within Clams that are found living on the seafloor in Tchia.