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Tekken 8 – Ending Explained


The Dark Awakens is the name of the story mode in Tekken 8. It’s interesting to note that there are two possible outcomes—a good and a terrible one—here. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have finished story mode only to discover that Chapter 15, The Dark Awakens, has a neat two-cut scene gap in your gallery. This conclusion also earns you the Despair trophy. The conclusion of Tekken 8 will be explained in this article:

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Good Ending Explained

Jin triumphs in the satisfying conclusion, known in-game as the “Hope” ending. A sequence opens with Jin standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Yakushima, a white bird in the air and a flower on the ground representing his mother’s presence. He expresses gratitude to his mother for assisting him in what appears to be a global purge of the devil gene.

Xiaoyu, who appears to be waiting on the side of the road with Jin, stops Jin’s motorcycle while they are riding Route 331 in the USA. After that, the camera pans back to Kazuya’s body just as some shoes are visible. After the conflict, Jun visits her ex-partner, putting herself in her place.

Tekken 8 - Ending Explained

The Tekken cast is finally presented in a montage of pictures showing their post-event activities, many of them in New York, while the members of Yggdrasil report back to work. Reina appears in the last scene, confirming that she is Heihachi’s daughter and seemingly waking up her demon form, teasing her as Tekken 9’s possible adversary.

Bad Ending Explained

In the negative conclusion, which the game refers to as the “Despair” ending, Kazuya triumphs. As is usual in the Mishima household, Kazuya throws Jin down a cliff after defeating him and gives him his signature Kazuya smirk. He announces his intention to retake control when it seems like there is no one remaining to stop him.

Tekken 8 - Ending Explained

In this rendition, a montage of images shows the G Corp army destroying the earth, with characters including Bryan, Feng, and a horde of Jacks causing mayhem, while Nina appears to be having a vacation from it all. Reina assumes her devilish form in the same exact incident that ends the story.

Unlock the Secret Bad Ending

To unlock the secret ending and receive the Despair trophy, you must lose to Kazuya in the decisive battle. However, there’s a catch: you can’t just wait for him to stop things between you. All that will happen is a game over. Kazuya needs to have his health reduced until he enters the Rage state. This is easily recognized when Kazuya starts to glow red and has almost no health remaining.

Tekken 8 - Ending Explained

Kazuya’s assaults can be blocked by your character simply by remaining still. In order to get hit, you should jump or crouch in this situation. This will guarantee a quicker loss against Kazuya.


How do you get the despair ending in Tekken 8?

You will engage in six separate combat rounds once you’re in a lonely crater. Make careful to allow yourself to be killed by blows to the head in the sixth one, where you start in Heat mode and your opponent starts in Rage, to reveal the hidden ending.

Will Tekken 8 have rage?

In Tekken 8, players now have a last-ditch option to change the course of a fight: Rage Arts, which are destructive special moves that can be unleashed when a character’s health is low. The Rage Arts are not all created equal; some are visually stunning and highlight the character’s individuality, while others are forgettable.

Will there be no Devil Jin in Tekken 8?

One of the four new fan-favorite characters unveiled for TEKKEN 8 is Devil Jin, the strong but cursed alternate fighting form of protagonist Jin Kazama.

Which is better Tekken 7 or Tekken 8?

Better more, Tekken 8 appears to give players entirely new strategies for taking out each other’s seven bells. “Thanks to the new Heat system, it’s safe to say that Tekken 8 boasts the most violent gameplay of the entire series.