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Tekken 8 – How to Disable Special Style


Tekken 8 has a new Special Style feature that helps less experienced players get used to the combo system. Special Style is a fascinating new option for those new to Tekken 8. With a few button clicks, gamers can utilize their character’s special strikes and combos in various scenarios. You might unintentionally have it on in an argument, which could confuse you if you’re not paying attention. You may disable the special style in Tekken 8 by following the instructions in this article:

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What is Special Style?

This is a Special Style, if you are familiar with the “Simple Controls” technique that has been incorporated into numerous fighting games. In essence, it’s a toggle that greatly simplifies inputs compared to their typical counterparts. If you activate this option, for instance, you can complete a basic bread-and-butter (BnB) combo by pressing a button on your controller.

Each character can only have one variation of a combination. Additionally, you’ll have an easier time doing your Special Move, Power Crush, and other basic moves like throws and lows. A menu will appear on the side of your chosen character in Tekken 8. It will show the inputs required to carry out the previously indicated actions.

You will need to set this mode off because it won’t be very helpful to explore the move list and test things out while you are in it. Only novice players still getting the hang of the game are advised to use this mode.

How to Disable Special Style

In Tekken 8, Special Style is a toggleable mechanism. By pressing the button designated for Special Style, you can turn it on or off at any point during a battle. It is mapped to the Xbox, PlayStation, and top left shoulder buttons on controllers by default and the L1 and LB buttons on controllers.

Tekken 8 - How to Disable Special Style

You can delete Special Style from your controller mapping if that’s not good enough and you wish to eliminate it from the game. To unmap the Special Style line, just navigate to Controller Setup in Options and use your controller’s Options button. You won’t be able to even accidentally hit Special Style again because of this complete removal from rotation.


How do you block in Tekken 8?

In order to deflect incoming damage in Tekken 8, you must press back on the left stick or d-pad, away from your opponent. Additionally, you may low block by simultaneously pressing back and down, so if your opponent is switching up their attacks, you’ll need to switch between the two.

Is Tekken 8 beginner friendly?

The game is now more beginner-friendly than ever because to the new “Heat” system, which allows players to accumulate heat energy to initiate combo moves, and the “Special Style” feature, which allows players to trigger a combo with a single button press.

Is Tekken 8 Next Gen only?

It’s also the first major fighting game developed with Unreal’s most recent technologies. Because of this, Tekken 8 is a game that is exclusively available on platforms from the present generation, unlike Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1, and it is generally a success across all platforms.

Will Tekken 8 be 3D?

The Tekken series, one of the first popular 3D fighting games to emerge in the 2D sprites era, has always been notable for being a technical marvel of its day. Tekken gives players the ability to strafe around opponents, giving movement a more complex feel than other fighting games where fighters are limited to a single plane.

How long is Tekken 8 story?

With about 10 hours of single-player content, those modes may give the impression that Tekken 8 is a very short game, but that is far from the case.