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System Shock Remake – Best Weapons to Get


In System Shock, I found various weapons that I could use to take down mutants, assassins, and other enemies. Nightdive Studios’ reimagining of the classic doesn’t go above and beyond by incorporating complex fighting mechanics. However, it does highlight how important it is to maintain and use a large and varied tool and weapon arsenal to be successful in firefights while on your mission against SHODAN. The top weapons in the System Shock remake are detailed in the post that follows:

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KE-41 Mini Pistol

A better weapon that is more widely accessible than the others is the KE-41 Mini Pistol. Although it may be found in a few locations throughout the map, going to Althea Grossman’s room in the Central Hub’s Level 1 Medical Bay is the easiest way to obtain this rifle.

System Shock Remake - Best Weapons to Get

This chamber should be quite easy to discover as it is situated just next to Doctor Nathan D’arcy’s cabin. To find the precise location of this chamber, look for the yellow circle on the map image above. A semi-auto weapon having 20% armor penetration and 20 damage is the KE-41 Mini Pistol.

JW-74 Mag Pulse Rifle

One of the first weapons in System Shock is the JW-74 Mag Pulse Rifle. The JW-74 Mag Pulse Rifle is a semi-automatic weapon with 100% armor penetration that fires 60 damage using Magnetic-Pulse Cartridges. It is situated at Level 1 Medical Bay’s Ammo Depot in the Delta Quadrant. You must find your way to the Ammo Depot after exiting the Healing Suite and entering the Delta Quadrant.

System Shock Remake - Best Weapons to Get

TB-05 Sparqbeam Sidearm

The finest weapon in the early game is without a doubt the TB-05 Sparqbeam Sidearm. This weapon may be found in the Central Hub’s Level 1 Medical Bay, within the chamber of Dr. Nathan D’arcy. This gun is the best since it is an energy-type weapon that doesn’t need ammunition, which is why I said so.

You can simultaneously activate any of this weapon’s three charge modes to increase the damage you inflict on opponents. Three settings are available for the TB-05 Sparqbeam Sidearm: Low, High, and Over Charged. Using 4 volts of electricity, the low mode deals 18 damage and penetrates 30% of armor.

System Shock Remake - Best Weapons to Get

The high mode deals 36 damage with 60% armor penetration while consuming 9 volts of energy. The weapon may sustain short-term damage from the extremely volatile over mode. In the over mode, 90 damage with 80% armor penetration is dealt with 36 volts. Using this weapon in either low or high mode is highly recommended.


What is the first weapon in system shock?

The Lead Pipe, the game’s initial weapon, may be found right at the start of the game. Following the prologue, when you awaken, go down the ramp, enter the door on your left, and search the crate inside on the right to locate the Lead Pipe.

Is the railgun good in system shock?

When used against the heavily armored adversaries that are commonly seen in Citadel Station’s upper floors, the Railgun is quite powerful and can often take them out with a single shot.

What is the best melee weapon in system shock remake?

By far the most powerful melee weapon on Citadel Station, the DG-04 Laser Rapier is also the most effective against all targets.

Where is the railgun in System Shock?

It can be saved for some of the more formidable foes in the game, as it deals 350 damage and disregarded all armor. The Railgun is placed in the enormous circular area in the Delta and Gamma quadrant of the executive level, positioned across a few chairs, along with some ammunition.

Where is the pistol in System Shock?

A few functional mini guns are available on the Medical Level. There are also a number of broken ones, but those are just used for recycling because weapons cannot be fixed. The simplest small handgun to obtain is lying next to the corpse of a station employee who most likely won’t need it in the future.