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The 11 Best Mobile Platforms for Streaming Your Favorite Video Games on Android


Streaming Your Favorite Video Games

As gaming on smartphones and tablets continues to grow in popularity, live streaming across platforms is becoming an increasingly popular way for gamers to share their experiences with others.

By live streaming their gameplay, players can connect with others, build communities, and even earn money through sponsorships and donations. Live streaming will also help your followers learn new gameplay skills and techniques to overcome difficult levels, get loot boxes more easily, pay attention to what character should be used in what game phases – which can come in handy when betting on competitive gaming tournaments at Flatdog casino sites and other gambling platforms with eSports sections – get better ammo, etc.

In the rest of this article, we will tell you more about the best streaming platforms where you can air your favorite games on Android today!

# 1 Twitch

Twitch is widely recognized as one of the most popular, and according to some users, the best tool for streaming live gameplay, especially among gaming enthusiasts and diverse content creators. Twitch offers a number of features designed to make live streaming easy and accessible to a large number of users.

Features that distinguish Twitch are:

  • “Prime Gaming”: Twitch offers a subscription service called “Prime Gaming” that provides users with free games, in-game content, and other benefits.
  • Virtual goods: Twitch allows viewers to support their favorite streamers by purchasing “Bits” (virtual goods), which can be used to show support for streamers during broadcasts and unlock exclusive content.
  • Clip creation: Twitch allows users to create and share clips of their favorite streams. This makes it easy for users to share their favorite moments with their friends and followers.


NEXPLAY is a live-streaming application that is specially designed for users who like to call themselves pro gamers. According to some, it is one of the best live-streaming apps for Android games. It allows users to broadcast their gameplay in real-time, interact with other players, and join tournaments.

The special advantages of this platform are:

  • Social features: NEXPLAY has a number of social features, such as chat, followers, and friend lists, which allow users to build a community of followers.
  • Reward system: NEXPLAY has a reward system that allows viewers to earn points by watching streams and interacting with the community. These points can be exchanged for real-world rewards.
  • Stream delay control: NEXPLAY allows users to control the delay between gameplay and stream. This can prevent the so-called “stream sniping” experience (watching someone’s stream to gain a certain advantage for the viewer, this especially applies to monitoring the broadcast of competitive games) of the stream and can provide users with a better stream experience.

# 3 Omlet

Omlet is a live gaming streaming application, which is specially designed for mobile gamers. Also, it is one of the best live-streaming apps for free gaming. It allows users to stream their gaming sessions, screen share, and interact with other players.

You can choose an Omlet because of the following features:

  • Screen sharing feature: Omlet allows users to share their screen during live streaming, making it ideal for players who want to show off their skills and strategies.
  • Real-time chat: Omlet has a real-time chat feature that allows users to interact with other players while streaming. This makes it easier to build a community between players and their followers.
  • Multiplayer support: Omlet supports multiplayer games, allowing users to play games with their friends and followers while streaming. Furthermore, it makes it easy to create a fun and engaging stream for viewers to enjoy.

# 4 Streamlabs

Streamlabs is a popular live-streaming application that is widely used by gamers and other groups of content creators. Streamlabs is also one of the best game streaming apps for the Android platform. It offers a range of features designed to make live streaming easy and affordable.

Streamlabs is loved by many users and content creators for the following features:

  • Customizable alerts: Streamlabs allows users to create custom alerts that can be displayed on the screen when they receive a donation, new subscriber, or other type of interaction.
  • Built-in chatbot: Streamlabs has a built-in chatbot that can be used to interact with viewers and moderate chats. The chatbot can be customized with a series of commands and responses.
  • Open-source streaming software: Streamlabs offers free and open-source streaming software called Streamlabs OBS. This software allows users to create professional quality broadcasts with ease.

# 5 Rheo

Rheo is another high-quality gaming platform, through which players can stream or broadcast what they are playing live.

Although it is a little less well-known than some of the other platforms on this list, you might choose Rheo as your streaming platform because of the following features:

  • Content discovery with AI: Rheo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend content to users based on what interests them. This makes it easier for users to discover new content and connect with other players.
  • Chat rooms: Rheo offers chat rooms that allow users to interact with other players while watching live streams. This creates a sense of community and helps users better connect with other users who have the same or similar tastes in games.
  • Esports tournaments: Rheo organizes regular eSports tournaments that allow users to compete against other players for prizes. This creates a competitive environment and helps users improve their gaming skills.

# 6 Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is another live-streaming platform that wants to focus on gaming content itself. It is also one of the best game streaming apps for the Android platform. It offers a number of features, which are designed to facilitate users’ experiences of watching games, playing games, and connecting with other players.

You could choose Facebook Gaming as your streaming platform because of the following features:

  • Instant games: Facebook Gaming offers a variety of instant games that can be played directly on the platform. This allows users to start playing games in a quick and easy way, without the need to download games.
  • Streamer monetization: Facebook Gaming allows streamers to monetize their content through follower support and advertising. This allows streamers to earn money while playing their favorite games.
  • VR support: Facebook Gaming supports virtual reality (VR) gaming, allowing users to have an even better gaming experience.

# 7 Turntip

Turnip is a live game streaming application that allows users to watch and host live streams.

It is another very good game streaming platform that you may want to choose because of the following features:

  • Free to use: Turnip is a completely free application to use, and users can easily create their own channels and start live streaming their games.
  • Great customization options: Turnip allows users to customize their profile, including profile photo, cover photo, and stream titles. This feature helps users create a unique identity and build their own brand.
  • Low latency when streaming: Turnip offers low latency streaming, meaning there is minimal delay between the streamer’s actions and what the audience sees on their screens. This ensures that the audience can watch the streamer play in real-time.

# 8 Screen Recorder – AZ Recorder

Screen Recorder – AZ Recorder is a live streaming application that allows users to live stream mobile games to various platforms.

It is another one of the best live streaming apps that is completely free and features the following features:

  • No root required: Unlike other screen recording apps, AZ Screen Recorder does not require users to root their devices. This makes it easy for users to stream games without any hassle.
  • HD recording: AZ Screen Recorder supports HD recording, allowing users to capture high-quality recordings of their games. This makes it easy for users to create professional-looking content that can be shared across various platforms.
  • Live streaming: AZ Screen Recorder allows users to live stream their gameplay to various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. This makes it easier for users to reach a wider audience and connect with other players.

# 9 is one of the most popular game streaming platforms, through which you can also stream games if you are playing them on an Android device. stands out for the following features:

  • Rewards program: has a rewards program that allows viewers to earn virtual currency while watching streams, which they can then use to support their favorite streamers.
  • Virtual currency: Trovo Gold virtual currency can be earned or purchased and can be used to support streamers, purchase virtual gifts, and participate in giveaways.
  • Support for streamers: provides a variety of tools and resources to support streamers, including the “Partner Program”, a creator support team, and community events.

# 10 SGETHER Studio

SGETHER Studio is a streaming application that allows users to share their gaming sessions but also allows them to connect with other players around the world.

SGETHER Studio is characterized by the following features:

  • Live chat: SGETHER Studio has a live chat feature that allows viewers to interact with the streamer in real-time. Streamers can also use this feature to interact with their audience and build their community.
  • Built-in video editor: SGETHER Studio has a built-in video editor that allows users to edit their videos and add effects and filters to enhance the content.
  • Customizable layers: SGETHER Studio allows users to customize layers with various themes, fonts, and colors. This feature helps users create a unique, professional-looking stream.

# 11 UpLive

UpLive is a popular live-streaming app for Android games that allows users to broadcast their gameplay and interact with their audience in real time. It is also one of the best platforms for streaming live games.

You can choose UpLive for the following reasons:

  • Unique virtual gifts: UpLive offers a wide variety of virtual gifts that users can send to their favorite streamers while live streaming. These gifts can be exchanged for real money, making the whole concept an attractive option for streamers looking to monetize their content.
  • Multi-language support: UpLive supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and more. This makes it easier for streamers to connect with audiences from different parts of the world.
  • Interactive features: UpLive offers a number of interactive features that allow streamers to interact with their audience. These include real-time comments, live polls, and other interactive elements that can help increase engagement and build a loyal fan base.


You now know which Android video game streaming platforms work best.

One thing to keep in mind is that you are able to utilize these videos to assist in raising brand, creator, and professional gaming exposure, regardless of the software you select. Watermarking films and taking pictures of photos with a trademarked logo are two of the greatest ways to accomplish this. If you do not take these precautions, someone else could attempt to steal your work and distribute it without your consent.

Are you prepared to produce contemporary gaming videos in the most efficient and straightforward manner? If so, start using the correct tools and platforms for the best outcomes by using the knowledge gathered in this post to guide you.