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The Benefits of Home Detox for Alcoholism


Most people, given a chance, would choose to receive treatment at home rather than going to a health facility. Detoxification treatment for alcohol dependence is a dangerous process, but with the right support one can handle the steps at home.

If you are reluctant about undergoing alcohol detox in a rehab facility, the good news is, you have the option of detoxifying from this substance from the comfort of your home. Many people have successfully gone through a home-based alcohol detoxification programme and are making great strides in their recovery journey

Is At-Home Alcohol Detox Process Medically Safe?

The alcohol home detox treatment is safe as long as it’s facilitated by trained alcohol detox professionals who have the expertise to safely remove all the toxins from your body and get you through each withdrawal stage successfully.

A full assessment of your medical history and current health should be performed before undergoing detoxification. This is to create a personalised home detox treatment plan that’s safe and tailored to an alcoholic’s personal health and physiology.

FDA-approved medications can be prescribed to manage alcohol cravings and make the withdrawal symptoms as painless as possible. Medical professionals should be available to closely monitor response to the detox treatment and quickly intervene if any dangers or uncontrollable symptoms arise.

The individualised medical attention received guarantees the highest level of safety throughout the detox process. What’s more, s24/7 client helplines allow for the clients of such providers to be in constant contact with their treatment assistants. If an on-location person is assigned, be it from the provider or a loved one helping in the process, they can reach the providers within a few seconds to get important advice.


At-home alcohol detox treatment doesn’t separate from a regular pattern and habits, as is the case with rehabilitation treatment at residential facilities.

Disruption of day-to-day routine is often a common barrier that makes individuals shy away from seeking alcohol detox in a rehabilitation setting. When committing to a home-based detox plan, people won’t have to worry about putting their plans on hold for several weeks or being unable to proceed with usual daily routines.

There is also the control over when one wants to detox, which allows for preparations, taking time off and regulating the exposure to external stressors before beginning with the process.. 

Is It Cheaper?

A professionally-managed alcohol home detox programme starts from £1,500, which is reasonably priced compared to the cost of detoxing at a rehab center which often begins at £2,500 per week with minimum stays lasting 28 days. With home detox, people suffering from alcohol use disorders have access to quality detox care without spending on travels to an inpatient facility and taking extensive time off work.

This budget-friendly cost, often calculated according to the user’s alcohol detox needs and requirements, is favourable to those who may not afford the expensive detox treatment offered at rehab facilities.

You Will Detox in a Supportive and Comfortable Environment

Detoxing from alcohol at home means you’ll be undergoing the process in a familiar environment. It’s common for feelings of anxiety to surface during alcohol detox as going through this treatment outside of one’s personal space causes thoughts of abandonment and fear of what one will find when they go back home.

Detoxifying from alcohol can be a mentally exhausting experience. Which is why constant emotional support is necessary. By detoxifying at home, alcoholics have the opportunity to continue sharing their experience with their loved ones, and even strengthen their bond with their family by involving them in the detoxification instead of a hired assistant.


Since you’ll be undergoing the detoxification process in the privacy of your home, you won’t have to worry about strangers finding out your struggles with alcohol dependence — especially if you’d want this information to stay between you and your loved ones.

The confidentiality of your in-home detox medical records will remain with your home detox service provider, and you are guaranteed they won’t share it with third parties unless you specifically agree or require them to.

Your alcohol detox medications will come in a well-sealed parcel in an effort to keep your home-based detox decision private. To add to that, the detox treatment provider will only engage your GP (if need be) after getting your permission.  

The Home-Based Alcohol Detox Is Fully Insured

If an unfortunate incident occurs during the alcohol detoxification process in your home, the home detox service provider will take full responsibility. This insurance benefit also includes 100% coverage for your loved one(s) if they are victim of the detox-related accident.

Alcohol Home Detoxification – a Well-Planned Solution

Detoxing from alcohol at home under the supervision of qualified detox specialists is as effective as detoxing in a rehab facility. The at-home detox treatment providers bring the essential alcohol detox procedures and premium detox care offered in a typical rehab clinic to your home.

If you’ve made the life-changing decision to pursue alcohol abstinence and are considering a home-based alcohol detoxification programme, look at services such as that can connect you with addiction advisors and get you on the way to sobriety.