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The Exotic Navigator Catalyst in Destiny 2 is a Game-Changing Weapon


The Navigator Exotic trace rifle can be quite difficult to obtain in Destiny 2, but it is well worth the effort required to do so because the weapon is so powerful. Any player who manages to get their hands on the trace weapon in Destiny 2 should prioritise acquiring the Exotic Catalyst for the Navigator as soon as they can afterward. It is an even more delicious reward than the trace rifle itself. The Exotic Catalyst, much like the weapon itself, was found among the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. Even though the Navigator can function well without the Catalyst, adding it represents a significant step forward in the evolution of an already formidable weapon. When players have the Catalyst and their weapon equipped, they can perform the most supportive role possible in Destiny 2 and simultaneously have a lot more fun while playing on the newest Strand builds.

When players complete a certain reload, the Exotic Catalyst of the Navigator provides a free Strand grapple hook for use in Strand builds. This is a precious ability for Strand builds. Players may use this grappling point to perform a free grapple without using up their ability, but the grapple point is also open for use by other players who aren’t currently using the gun. The sole requirements for generating and using the grappling points that the Navigator creates for the Strand are ammo for the generator, and the user must be equipped with a subclass that grants access to the Strand to use the ability to grapple. It breathes fresh life into Destiny 2’s Strand construction and the stuff that can be found within the game because to how reliable the Navigator’s Exotic Catalyst is when it comes to generating these Strand grappling points.

The Lightfall campaign provided players with a number of different Strand training wheels that they could use while experimenting with the new Subclass; however, very few other activities in Destiny 2 have ever given Strand the same respect. Players now have the ability to help bridge this gap and bring Strand builds back to their glory days when the Lightfall expansion was initially released. This is made possible because to an exotic catalyst called the Navigator’s Exotic Catalyst. Because players have access to their own personal grappling points, they are able to transform any activity in Destiny 2 into a Strand playground, including both player vs player and player versus environment gameplay.

In the player against player mode of Destiny 2, it is extremely helpful to have a free grapple point available for everyone on the squad if the team has a Strand subtype equipped. This can be the deciding factor in whether or not certain objectives are won or lost. When it comes to the competitive game types, such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris, this is even more of an extreme potential than it already was. In Trails of Osiris, most game modes have a capture zone that appears after a round has been played for a sufficient amount of time. Because of this, utilizing Strand grapples to get to these spots and prematurely control the location of the objective is a technique that proves to be very effective. Not to mention the fact that the Navigator trace rifle is already an excellent weapon to utilize in the Player against Player mode of Destiny 2 because to the fact that it can provide Woven Mail.

at Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep, trace rifles are already at a beautiful spot in the game regarding performance and damage. This will continue to be the case after the new content is implemented. In addition, the Exotic perk that comes standard on the Navigator comes with the weapon regardless of whether or not the player has the Catalyst, making it easily one of the greatest trace rifles available in its category. The Navigator’s ability to provide Woven Mail is usable regardless of whether a player is equipped with Strand; nevertheless, the Catalyst provides an additional incentive for players to combine Strand subtypes with this weapon. Because Strand weapons can become considerably more powerful when using a Strand subclass, the usefulness of this weapon’s Catalyst is unnecessary and excessively powerful.