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The iPhone 14 Pro schematic leak reveals how Apple plans to replace the notch on the device.


The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to be the first iPhone to be released with no notch, according to those in the know. We now have a clearer understanding of how this will operate on the iPhone 14 Pro according to a new leak.

According to a leaked schematic provided to Chinese social media site Weibo (via 9to5Mac), the two cut outs that would replace the notch are seen in the image. Apple insider Jon Prosser feels the leak is accurate in terms of what the company is planned as well, according to the well-known source.

It appears that Apple is not yet ready to integrate a selfie camera inside the iPhone’s display, which implies that cutouts will continue to be necessary if the notch is to be eliminated entirely. Other components, including as the infrared sensor for Face ID, will be located in this location as well.

Size matters

Previous reports from last month were confirmed by this schematic, which shows a circular cut out combined with a pill-shaped cut out. To our knowledge, no other phone makers have followed this exact design path as of yet.

Even though certain Android device manufacturers (such as Huawei) make use of a pill cut out, and other Android device manufacturers (such as Samsung) make use of a punch hole cut out, we haven’t yet seen these two technologies merged in the way that Apple is reportedly considering.

The leaked schematic doesn’t reveal much else about the game, however the cutouts appear to be a little larger than we had anticipated. For the time being, it is thought that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will feature this new design, while the more cheap iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will retain the original notch configuration.

Analysis: the beginning of the end of the notch era

Prior to Apple’s decision to include a notch on the iPhone X, phone manufacturers routinely integrated the selfie camera, speaker, and other components into the top bezel of the smartphone. The iPhone X was released in 2017, and it appears that the notch will be eliminated from at least some of Apple’s iPhones five years later.

Apple’s approach now appears to be the same as it was then: the company wants to ensure that iOS and the apps that run on top of it have as much screen space as possible accessible to them. That excess area may be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as notification badges.

This time, however, Apple is following rather than leading the pack: manufacturers were quick to adopt the display notch after Apple began using it, but most have since moved on to smaller punch holes and pills to house the necessary components. Apple, on the other hand, is leading the pack: the company introduced the iPhone X in September and has been using it ever since.