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The most popular betting apps 2021


Today, legal sports or gaming betting apps have been flourishing around the world. Especially in the US, as many states have legalized gambling. Due to this reason, there are now launching modern apps with a much better experience of mobile gambling. There are plenty of options online to choose from the best betting apps. Some of them give bonus offers, promo codes, and easy winning bets that make them top of our list.


It is true that with the development of sports betting apps, online gambling has become much easier. So, if you have a knack for online gambling then you must check out these apps mentioned below.

Most popular betting apps 2021:

Here we have selected the 8 best betting apps that are well-known for their bonus and promotions. As the market is growing and we have in our list something for everyone which means both iOS and Android apps. So, before you begin betting let’s check out these apps.


Unibet is quite famous for new bettors who do not have prior experience of gambling. You can make risk-free bets with $600 in your account as a welcome bonus. So, even if you have a lot of experience, you do not have to worry about even placing a wrong bet. Another thing you must know is that Unibet is an international app so everyone is welcome to place bets.


BetMGM is for people who have pro expertise in gambling. The app is highly competitive and you will find a lot of odds here. We do recommend that you at least join it for the lines even if you are interested in any other betting platform.


It is one of our top-rated choices where you get great lines and learn about the right market depth. You can enjoy their multiple features in the app and take the opportunity of their daily promotions.


You can now enjoy the best bonuses with BetRivers. The best part is that they provide competitive odds and you can choose from their large selection bets.


If you love online gambling then the Caesars sportsbook app is a must for you. It is one of the most demanding and well-known apps known for the best and big bets in the market.


Start your exotic bets at this amazing app where you will enjoy the best packages available online. All bettors with zero or pro experience are welcome to be a part of this platform.


Check out FanDuel’s competitive odds that make the gambling experience even more exciting. You can place a lot of bets across many sports in their wide range.


WynnBET is perfect for those who want a live betting experience with bonuses and promo codes. It is known especially in Vegas where you can place live bets all the time.

How to choose the best sports betting apps?

Considering the future of gaming and sports, online gambling is growing every year. Now online gambling has been legalized in many states. So, you must pick out the best apps for yourself where you can place your bets easily. So, the first thing is that check out the betting apps that are legal in your state. You can check out the other betting apps too but it is more favorable to pick the one known in your state. After that, check the sportsbook odds of each app. Every app will have different odds so you must do a little research on them. Like the DraftKings has a great catalog compared to others. So, go for an app where you have many choices for placing bets, promotions and offers.

Moreover, check the navigation of sportsbooks and ensure they are easy to use. If you are not a pro, you should do some thorough research to make sure you don’t lose the bet. There are experienced players online who gamble for money and can easily outrun you. With every app, there are different factors so make sure you start with judging the sportsbook. Also, you must know that how to place your bets and how do odds work in betting.

Also, not every app is available for both iOS and Android. So, make sure you are downloading the right app. Check out the reviews of these apps online as well before you start placing your bets.