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The new cherry blossom biome is coming to Minecraft in the 1.20 update


The company that created Minecraft, Mojang, is gearing up for this year’s major 1.20 release, and following on from the revelation that it will finally introduce the game’s long-delayed archaeology system, the studio has now confirmed that it will also usher in a new cherry blossom biome and sniffer mob. This will follow on from the revelation last week that it will finally introduce the game’s long-delayed archaeology system. After the recent announcement by Mojang that it will finally add the game’s long-awaited archaeology component, this piece of news has emerged. You might remember that the sniffer received the most votes from Minecraft players during the voting for the Minecraft Live mob event that took place a year ago.

They chose it to be the winning mob. It triumphed over the Rascal and the Tuff Golem, which were the two other options that were up for consideration. Players will want to utilize their newly acquired archaeology tools to inspect suspicious sand as soon as update 1.20 is made available to them in the game with the expectation of discovering sniffer eggs. If you hatch these, you will eventually have a fully developed sniffer that is able to locate long-lost seeds that, when planted, will blossom into unique flowers. If you do this, you will have a better chance of finding the seeds. If you hatch these, you will one day have a fully developed sniffer that can locate seeds that have been lost for a very long time.

And since we’re already discussing blossoms, let’s move on to another recently revealed feature that will be available in Minecraft version 1.20: the cherry blossom biome. In addition, the trees can be felled to create a complete wood set with a pinkish colour that includes the new hanging sign object. This set can be formed by cutting down the trees. Planting cherry tree seedlings in areas that are not naturally inhabited by cherry blossoms is an option for people who desire to provide a rosy hue to a setting that is otherwise devoid of it.