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The New PS5 SSD Is The Cheapest Way to Upgrade Your Storage


PCle 4.0 M.2 NVMe drives from Corsair have just been released that are particularly engineered to work with the PS5.

The PS5’s storage expansion port was enabled via a software patch last summer, and since then the market for PS5 SSDs has grown tremendously. PS5 owners wishing to expand their storage have found solutions like the Samsung 980 Pro and the WD Black SN850 to be highly popular.

If you’re looking for a way to save a large number of the finest PS5 games at once, the Corsair MP600 Pro LPX SSD is another alternative. Each of the four sizes of the drive can hold up to a total of 4 terabytes of data. The 1TB variant is presently out of stock on the Corsair website, but the other three are still available.

MP600 Pro LPX SSDs start at at $99 for the 500GB version. One terabyte costs $169, while two terabytes costs $339, and the four terabytes costs $784. The MP600 Pro LPX SSD isn’t exactly inexpensive at this pricing point, but it’s cheaper than most of its competitors.

The Samsung 980 Pro 500GB drive costs $149, while the most popular 1TB variant costs $229. Price-wise, they’re about the same. MP600 Pro LPX still has an edge in pricing over the 980 Pro and SN850, which have been on sale often in recent months. Until recently, getting a PS5-compliant SSD for less than $100 was nearly unheard of. MP600 Pro LPX does not appear to have given up performance in order to lower the price of the competition. Sequential read and write speeds of up to 7,100 MB/s and 6,800 MB/s, respectively, are offered by Corsair’s newest SSD. In terms of write speeds, the 500GB device dips to 3,700 MB/s. MP600 Pro LPX easily passes Sony’s mandatory PS5 SSD benchmarks. A pre-installed heatsink is included on all four models, making them ideal for gaming. This eliminates the need to track out a third-party heatsink compatible with some of the less expensive PS5 SSDs.

Of course, you’ll need a PS5 to begin with before you can even consider expanding its storage. Which is a lot more difficult than it seems. It’s been almost a year since the debut, yet getting your hands on a next-generation PlayStation is still a difficult chore. If you’re still looking, be sure to check out our PS5 replenishment centre for the most up-to-date stock information and helpful purchasing advice.