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Top 10 Fears of Online Gamblers


The times spent in online casinos should be carefree and free of fears. Nevertheless, gamblers often worry, for example, about the choice of games or their own skill. But in the end, even the biggest pessimists sometimes manage to simply turn off their heads and let themselves be carried away by the positive sides of the hobby.

Often it is enough to name a worry and look at it from a neutral point of view to put an end to it completely. Here is a compilation of the ten most common fears of casino players. Are they justified, or can you simply – literally – overplay them? Let’s find out!

1. Fear of the unknown

It affects some people more, some less. A certain inhibition to discover the unknown is so deeply rooted in the subconscious. People sometimes seem to have a tendency to remain in a familiar environment or situation, even if it is somehow boring.

There is always a certain dichotomy between curiosity and comfort because if you don’t let yourself be surprised, you can’t be surprised in a negative way. In terms of gambling, it is easy to escape boredom and still be safe. Players should choose the Best Online Casino Australia with no deposit bonuses that have been reviewed by experts.  This way, dangers are avoided, and it is worth leaving the comfort zone because you end up in a fun zone in most cases. That’s reason enough to give yourself a jolt!

2. The inhibition threshold for investing money

Gambling is sometimes still anchored in people’s minds primarily as a money game. It is associated with large sums of money that go to the table and, in at least fifty per cent of the cases, do not come back. You have to be able to afford to play for money. Otherwise, it quickly turns into bitter seriousness. At online gambling venues, the situation has eased considerably. In many cases, the money spent on bets is simply simulated.

You can find a demo version for almost all games in which virtual money is used. Even away from the free modes, however, things are half as bad.

  • Firstly, there are bonus offers with which you can save a lot.
  • Secondly, the table limits are mostly designed to suit hobby players.
  • Thirdly, there is transparency and awareness.

Gamblers are told openly that there are risks of loss, how high the theoretical chances of winning are and how to manage the gaming budget properly. They are encouraged to set limits. In this way, losses remain calculable and no longer dominate the thoughts of casino players.

3. Fear of loss

Fear of loss is also a natural human characteristic. It is based on a well-founded fear of abandonment but often also manifests itself in the fear of material or financial loss. In the case of casino players, it is not a problem to have a little fear of a losing streak. You can only lose what you have previously wagered.

If the feeling turns into real anxiety, you should carefully understand its cause. Perhaps you are actually playing too aggressively and risky. But this is not the case! Pleasant excitement is desirable, but you should only play with money that you practically already consider “spent” or “well invested for the sake of enjoying the game.”

4. Fear of not being able to make a decision

Some players demonstrate a characteristic in online casinos that is also known in other areas of life. They simply cannot make a decision! It’s the same as with many restaurant goers who study the menu several times, make a decision, check again, change their minds, and thus become more and more nervous but barely reach their final destination.

This may seem like a funny quirk to people who are not affected by it, but for fickle people, it can become quite irritating and unpleasant. Those who have already spent endless minutes and sometimes hours in the casino lobby are losing valuable gaming time. Decision avoidance is not that uncommon, but online casinos are a good place for a little behavioural training.

Take a no deposit bonus and force yourself to start playing in seconds. There will be no negative consequences if you make the wrong choice. If you eat everything at dinner (and possibly spoil it), you can be wildly successful at a casino if you follow the rules.

5. Fears of looking like a loser

Hardly anyone wants to admit or acknowledge this fear, but it is also often mentioned when asked. Growing up in a meritocracy, we are shaped to be better than others in the competition. Many people have a hard time dealing with defeat, even when it is simply a matter of playing games.

Here, too, the virtual arcade is a good place to get rid of this. The first thing to keep in mind is that there is rarely any “against” in casino games, as they are mostly purely chance-based game principles. It is by no means a “failure” to lose games of chance; it is simply bad luck. Conversely, it is purely a matter of luck whether someone wins. This realisation can actually be salutary and an extremely pleasant experience for disciplined and ambitious people who always want to exercise control.

6. The horror of scams and rip-offs

Concerns about being cheated and ripped off on the Internet are very common. In contrast to some other diffuse fears, they are tangible and, unfortunately, often enough justified. There have always been and still are fraudulent offers, especially when it comes to money games. Fortunately, however, real problems also develop into real solutions.

This is how security procedures developed specifically for the iGaming industry came into being. The basis is formed by gambling authorities who have developed strict laws and rules to separate the wheat from the chaff. The matter is quite simple: reputable online casinos have a gambling licence. You can play there without hesitation. If there is no official licence, you should stay away. Fears are unnecessary if you take this simple basic rule to heart and follow it without compromise.

7. Fear of addiction

On this subject, too, it should be said that it is real and serious. Of course, there are addictions, including a gambling one. Any kind of addiction, if left untreated, can be extremely destructive and ruin or even wipe out life. It would therefore be fundamentally wrong to deny the existence of gambling addiction or to downplay the disease.

As with all diseases, the focus should be on prevention. Reputable online casinos are actively involved in this! As part of the licensing process, the providers undertake to pay attention to their customers and, for example, to provide them with self-tests for the early detection of problem gambling habits. Some casinos also have a blocking file to prevent those with problems from registering again. No casino fan should hide his hobby because the best protection is, of course, a network of trusted people who will notice if something is wrong.

8. Fear of technology

Unless it is a full-blown technophobia that has disease value, it is a rather minor problem. A certain fear of technology can be seen more as scepticism or sometimes based on a fear of failure. As fast as technologies develop, it is no wonder to harbour such feelings.

When playing at online casinos, all that really matters is being able to operate a laptop, smartphone or other suitable terminal device and to find one’s way around the Internet. If you have difficulties with this, it is usually easy to get help because you can usually find someone in your family or circle of acquaintances who knows the ropes and is happy to give you a crash course if something actually goes wrong.

9. Fear of conflict

This fear of casino players refers to different types of conflicts. Some arise only internally because one is perhaps not sure whether he or she is making the right decision in the game or whether has perhaps bet too much money and the like. It can happen that one feels unfairly treated by the casino provider and has to seek dialogue with customer service. It costs some people a lot of effort to define and clearly represent their point of view.

In practice, however, these fears turn out to be unfounded. At reputable casinos, the support will always be very friendly and professional. In experience reports on the most popular gambling houses, it is sometimes reported that the providers show a lot of goodwill and willingness to compromise towards their customers. People who are shy about conflicts should read the reviews carefully and pay attention to the service.

10. Fear of contact with new games

There are quite a few players who feel downright stage fright when it comes to trying out an unknown game. Often this excessive shyness stems from school days and the traumatic experiences associated with them (keyword: exam nerves). It is easy to lose confidence in oneself and despair even over small decisions, such as the appropriate choice of casino bonuses for slot machines.

However, the casino always turns out to be a good place to work on this and to specifically seek confrontation with the new. At some point, the person concerned realises that a high adrenaline level can also be perceived as positive and that it is all just a game that is huge fun.