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Top 3 Aggressive League of Legends Support Champions


Are you in search of the best aggressive legends and support champions that can be defeated by you in a legends league? If yes, then you are at the accurate place.


Supports are as important as your life-line in the game. They are an indestructible spirit that can help you in achieving victory by fighting all obstacles in your way. If you are looking for the only action, the Champs that are enlisted here in this post are assuredly going you make, you scream by sitting on the corner of the seat. Aggressive- supports are similar to the over-possessive owners of any time.


Their responsibility is to disrupt, engage as well as aid their group mates along with offering them a good vision. The aggressive supports will be reaching beyond and over their duty call for setting up defeats for their ADC even if they have to risk their own lives in the way. Thus, without talking about many whereabouts let us move on to discuss the best 3 aggressive support champions for the league of legends.


1. Rakan- The Charmer 

Rakan is a charmer in true sense. He can heal broken hearts as well as protecting the impotent damsels. He can even lift you above and tempt your lady. Through Runeterra, several women are desirous of Rakan. However, unfortunately, his heart already belongs to someone. He is a great support because he has magical capabilities that him suitable as a counter choice in opposition to several champions of the bot-lane. Another feature that makes him irreplaceable is his power to handle CC while safeguarding his partners.


2. Nautilus- The Titan Of Depths

Nautilus is known to be the massive titan of the depths. He is very well known as Bilgewater because he turns up as someone who always downs the people who miss out on paying the tithe of Bilgewater. His enormous anchor is talked about to make holes directly into the surface of ships of the idiotic sailors since he draws them downward to link the depths. He is panzer support who possesses one amongst the top AOE CCs of the game. Also, he is one amongst the highest destructive tanks that make use of the shield to engross great amounts of destruction in the way through passing out a good amount of AOE destruction too.


3. Leona- The Radiant Brown 

A fully armoured woman cannot be seen very commonly in maximum games as well as fantasies. One such exceptional support is Leona. She is powerful, flashy, and most importantly beautiful. The warrior Leona, who is also a knight errant is surely going to tempt you with her appealing sexiness. She can turn up to be a support that makes use of her power to engross and disable particular aims that can be hazardous for the entire team. In general, she gives her all or nothing in combat and possesses the aid to protect herself when other members of her team execute the opponents.


These are the best options if you are here to find champion counters as aggressive supports for league of legends. All of the supports mentioned above in this post are sure to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.



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