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Ubisoft forward: Prince Of Persia ‘The Sands of Time remake’ Reveal coming next year


Ubisoft revealed one of big announcements they are bringing back prince of Persia: The sands of time remake in new version classic adventure game set to release in coming year.

As per Ubisoft the new version of The Sands of Time is Ubisoft first Full-Fledged Remake.

The statement trailer included that lovers can unlock the first Prince of Persia, found in 1992 for Mac, inside the movie, and”more openings” are contained.

Evidence this season had subtly pointed into a sort of recurrence for its action-adventure. In mid-August, Twitter observers discovered product listings for only such a game. Ubisoft Montréal also staged a crossover in For Honor back in March, which captured some lovers’ attention, also. The game declared, however, isn’t the unreleased, canceled-in-development job whose footage surfaced in May.

The show has receded in significance as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise climbed to a near-annual blockbuster.

Ubisoft’s statements are arriving in a controversial time for the business, which will be finally agreeing with what reports explain as a result of harassment, sexual misconduct, and racism in the business for the last decade. The business has begun to address some of those issues now that they have been attracted to light. CEO Yves Guillemot declared brand new diversity and inclusivity attempts at another video which has been posted to Twitter ahead of the occasion, while also commenting that”actual change will take some time.”

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