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How to Change the Streak Emoji on Snapchat


The streak emoji is a social media staple. It lets your friends know how long they have been talking to you for. In Snapchat, the streaks are displayed as a series of dots or hearts which make up the number of days you have been chatting with each other. But what if your mood changes from day to day? What if you want to change your streak emoji on Snapchat? Well, that’s possible too! Here’s a quick guide on how to change the streak emoji on Snapchat.

If you’re new to Snapchat, you might notice that some of your friends on the platform have a fire emoji next to their name. That means they’re taking their Snapchat game seriously and have been on a Snap streak.

Changing the Fire Emoji

Snap streaks are massive with teens and normally more youthful folks. Maintaining a streak with a person is evidence of ways robust your friendship is and the way passionate you’re at keeping it.

A streak will become legitimate after 3 days of sending every different at the least one snap in a 24-hour span. After day 3, a hearthplace emoji will seem subsequent to each of your usernames. Also, quite a number will seem representing the variety of days with inside the streak.

Your correspondence is probably on fire, however you don’t should use the hearthplace emoji to signify that. Instead, you could use any emoji you like. To alternate it, here’s what you have to do:

  • Launch Snapchat on your phone.

  • Select your profile picture at the upper-left corner.

  • Select “Settings” and the upper right corner.

  • You need to scroll down a bit and then select “Customize Emojis.”

  • Scroll down a bit again and select “Snapstreak!”

  • A list of emojis will appear. The fire emoji first, but you can just skip it and pick any other you prefer.

Now your Snapstreak emoji speaks extra approximately who you are. Or, perhaps the way you sense for that day. You can extrade it day by day in case you want. Without affecting the range of days with inside the streak, of course.

Also, simply due to the fact you’re converting the streak emoji for your quit doesn’t imply that you’re converting that of the man or woman you’re with inside the streak with. That’s absolutely as much as them.

Important note: Don’t confuse chat messages Snaps that make a contribution to a streak on Snapchat. The streak day range will most effective matter in case you’re sending every different Snaps, now no longer chat messages.

Video For Better Understanding


Q: Why would I want to change the emoji that displays my streak?

A: The reason could be because you’re feeling a different mood on a particular day. Maybe it has been 100 days since you started talking to a friend and you feel like something new. Or maybe you don’t care about your friends’ streak at all and just want to have a fresh start. No matter how long the streak might have been going, changing your emoji is an easy way to spice things up!


So, do you want to know how to change your streak emoji on Snapchat? Well, that’s possible too!