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Top 6 Football Tipsters to Follow in 2022


Since people are always looking for an edge when it comes to sports betting, many of them turn to tipsters. These are people who provide insight into certain sporting events and give their so-called expert advice on what they think will happen. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about tipsters, including the 6 best football tipsters to follow in 2022.

Football betting is a knowledge-based activity that requires a lot of statistical analysis and is all about knowing the right facts, not just getting lucky. Luckily for us, there are tipsters that help us simplify this complexity a bit. There are many tipsters on the market, which makes it hard for us to choose one to get the best tips and predictions.

Top 6 football tipsters to follow in 2022

Today, you can find innumerable tipsters out there. It can be a little overwhelming when you try to trim down the different options. You will find people giving betting tips everywhere from social media to blogs, media sites, podcasts and newspapers. However, there are some that constantly stand out from the crowd when it comes to identifying today’s best betting tips. We have assembled a list of some of the leading people in the betting tips field:

  1. TopSportsPick .com

In the list of top football tipsters, TopSportsPick is the first tipster site on which football fans can rely for useful tips because-

  • It provides detailed previews of important matches and competitions that might interest you.
  • TopSportsPick offers tips on a single game, a series of games or the entire competition.
  • It is one of the best football betting tipsters, and always makes sure that its followers are amused with plenty of good entertainment.
  • It also provides a great collection of soccer tips to check out focusing on the major leagues rather than lower division soccer.

If you study the topic extensively, you will realize that the strategy of always betting on the favorite does not always work, so you need to bet on other games as well. This is usually something that casual gamblers enjoy rather than betting on games in obscure leagues.


A successful betting strategy can take you far, but without the help of tipsters, it’s hard for regular bettors to win., for example, has created a loyal following and offers betting tips for a wide audience. They cover all regions of the world and hundreds of thousands of customers rely on their expertise every day. The company covers football from all angles and provides specific insights into each match to help bettors make the right decisions.


If you are looking for a one-stop store for tips and tipsters, you can visit FootballTipster. All kinds of predictions and markets are available there. You can find tips for your favorite leagues and international events. Their claim to fame is their system-maintained algorithm that regularly pays out profits. As a for a betting strategy, you should look for proven betting tips. The tipster comparison tool and the track tipster tool on this website will allow you to do that. With charts, yield percentages, statistical analysis and similar tools, you get the strategy to pick the best deals and look for better odds from a range of bookmakers and tipsters.


Tired of digging through hundreds of tipsters to figure out which one to choose? If you are tired of digging through long lists of tipsters who are all certified and genuine, then has what you need. With a handful of tipsters on the list, the portal has been providing accurate betting advice to its followers for a long time. Moreover, you can find record tables, charts and performance statistics to help you make informed decisions. For beginners, it is better to have a strategy that uses a range of markets rather than simply win, lose and draw. It offers live soccer tips for all major leagues and competitions.

  1. is another best football tipster you can follow in 2022.

  • It is like Google for searching tipsters. There are mechanisms to distinguish the fraudulent tipsters from the real ones, so all the tips you follow are genuine and verified.
  • It provides you with live score updates, facility to search tipsters depending on the market you are interested in and find the right expert you can trust. Some bets are ridiculously expensive, and others offer insane odds.
  • As one of the best and most popular football prediction websites in the world, has always delivered the best football predictions.
  • Not only does it provide you with accurate predictions on the daily happenings in the world of football, but it also helps you learn how to think like a tipster and make better predictions yourself.
  • All of today’s predictions are uploaded the night before, so it’s better to time your bets wisely.

Among the several soccer tipsters, has earned a name of being one of the most trusted tipster in the world of football because-

  • Being a tipster platform, it is reputable and provides consistent tips to all the tipsters out there.
  • com believes in working with bettors and helping them understand their gut feelings and hunches through numbers and data.
  • Its three-step process is simple and easy to use. Understanding the markets is key to your betting and this strategy will help you get more out of your betting adventures.


Today’s top betting sites offer you a great opportunity to place bets based on good arguments. Even though you have no guarantee of successful bets, you have a good chance of succeeding if you work only with the best betting providers in the field. Now that you have a good idea of what to expect when you follow these types of tips, you can start placing bets today.

The best tipsters analyze the data of the games to recommend the best bets for you on a daily basis. Tipsters who follow data try to guarantee wins and reduce losses every day using statistical analysis and systems they have developed based on their experience.