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Use a Spam Call Blocker and Feel Relax


Nowadays a lot of people are getting worried because of some spam calls from unknown phone numbers. Phone calls that are received from unknown numbers are known as spam calls. Sometimes, it becomes too much of a tensing factor to receive spam calls again and again. It can create mental stress and fatigue due to fear and insecurities. But the present era is highly revolutionized and it has opened its arms for the goodwill of people. Fortunately, advanced technologies have developed amazing tools and apps that will facilitate you and save you from mental stress. Anyone who is getting a lot of spam calls can use a Spam Call Blocker to make his life tension free from any type of fraudsters and spammers. Also, they can use the caller ID app to know the name of the caller.

Best Spam Call Blockers ( Android & iPhones )

People who are worried form telemarketers, phishing, and Robocalls can explore any of the given best and free spam call blocker apps for their convenience. List of such free spam blockers and call filters includes:

  • True Caller 
  • CallApp
  • YouMail
  • Call Control 
  • Hiya 
  • Calls Blacklist 
  • Unknown Phone 
  • Nomorobo 
  • Truecaller 
  • Spam Call Blocker 
  • Who Who 
  • Number Guru 
  • WhosCall 
  • Trap Call 
  • Number-Block Call Block 
  • CallerSmart 
  • Whitepages Caller ID 

In Addition to these, there are many other call filters available on the internet serving such people who are conscious about their privacy and spam calls. 

How to Block a Spam Call?

It’s not a tough job to block an unknown and disturbing phone number. It just takes a few seconds to get rid of such spam and unknown callers with the help of call filters and spam call blocker. 

Block Robocalls on iPhones

If you are using an iPhone and get sick due to some irritating spammers and robocalls. You can use any of the third-party apps that are facilitating users to block unknown numbers and spam calls. These are a few simple steps to follow while blocking an unknown number on your iPhone:

  • First of all, you have to open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • Then have to tap on the recent calls.
  • Then you have to tap on the information icon next to the desired number to be blocked. 
  • After that, you have to press the option Block this Caller.
  • Congratulations! The desired unknown number has been blocked successfully

These steps are very simple even a fresh user can also explore the app and can block any of the desired spam and unknown number by following the above-given steps. 

Note: Spammers mostly use different mobile numbers for irritating you and for some other intentions. So, the blocked number will be quiet, but it may possible that the spammer will tease you from some other number. So the easy solution is that you have to block the next number too by following the given steps. 

Block Robocalls on iOS 13

It is also possible to block unknown numbers and calls on iOS 13 or higher installed on your phone. It is also possible to take some effective, efficient, and drastic measures to clamp down on spam calls and unknown numbers. There are simple steps that you can follow for this purpose:

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Then go to the Setting option.
  • Then move to the phone button
  • Then you have to press on Silence Unknown Callers.
  • In the last step, you have to turn on the switch for Silence Unkown Callers. 
  • Congratulations! You’ll never ever receive calls from unknown numbers. 

Note:  This unique feature will automatically silence all the calls from unknown numbers. Such calls will appear on your recent lists and are sent to voicemails. Now it’s up to you to call back if it’s legitimate. 

Why Use a True Caller Free App?

If you want to block an unknown number and spam calls you can use the True Caller free app for this purpose. It will facilitate you by telling the name of the person calling you from an unknown number. If you are familiar with that name and regarding the person, you will receive the call otherwise you can easily add that number to the block list by using any of the best spam call blockers apps available on the internet. It will also save your time in investigating the person after receiving calls. Such apps are very efficient for mostly businessmen because they have a lot of calls either from known or unknown numbers. They can easily make sure which phone call is important and need to be received and which one is not necessary at that time. Such spam calls try to interfere with someone’s personal life. 

Advantages of Using a True Caller Free App 

There are many effective and attractive advantages of using a true caller-free app or a call filter. These advantages are enlisted here for your convenience. List includes:

  • Once you lock some spam number a lot of prompts show up at once.
  • On opening the true caller app, you will come to know that who has put his mobile phone on silent and who has not put his mobile phone on silent. 
  • This app allows you to interfere with someone’s privacy. 
  • You will come to know the exact name of the person calling from an unknown number.
  • Call blocker is perfectly free of cost.
  • Phone number blocker is perfectly free to download and explore on your mobile phone. 
  • It helps the users in controlling and checking the spam in terms of both messages as well as phone calls. 

Besides these, there are also many other advantages and benefits of using a Phone number tracker to check the caller id who is calling you. It makes it easy to decide whether the call needs to be received or not. 


Phone number blocker is an amazing app that can easily reveal who is calling you from an unknown number. You are free to receive the upcoming calls from unknown numbers and to add these numbers to the block list with the help of a call filter and call blocker. It is because the true caller app shows you the actual name of the person who is calling you by changing his phone number or from another unknown phone number. Such apps make it easy for the users to use their mobile phones without any fear and stress of spam calls and unknown numbers.