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How to Connect a Sound Bar to Vizio TV


If you have a Vizio television and are seeking for a simple method to upgrade your home entertainment system, one wonderful option you have is to attach a sound bar to your TV. If you add more speakers to your setup, you will be able to watch movies and television shows with a more immersive experience and improved sound quality. In this tutorial, we’ll take you step by step through the process, which is both speedy and uncomplicated.

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How to Connect a Sound Bar to Vizio TV

Via HDMI Cable

1. Put both your Vizio TV and sound bar into the off position.

2. You can do this by connecting one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC connector located on your Vizio TV.

How to Connect a Sound Bar to Vizio TV

3. Now, connect the opposite end of the cable to the HDMI ARC connector located on your soundbar.

How to Connect a Sound Bar to Vizio TV

4. Start by activating your Vizio TV, followed by your soundbar.

5. Make sure that the HDMI input is selected on your soundbar.

6. Find the option labelled “Audio” on the TV’s menu and choose it. The next step is to set the option labelled “Digital Audio Out” to either “Bitstream” or “Digital.”

7. You should be able to use the soundbar to listen to the audio coming from your Vizio TV at this point.

You will need to configure CEC in order to use the remote control for your television to adjust the volume of the soundbar (Consumer Electronics Control).

  1. To access CEC on your Vizio TV, navigate to the Menu > System > CEC option.
  2. Change the CEC option so that it reads “Enabled/On.”
  3. Once you make a change to the volume on your Vizio TV, it will immediately reflect that change on your soundbar as well.


Why won’t my Vizio TV connect to my soundbar?

Once more, pair the Soundbar.

You can disconnect the Vizio soundbar by going into the Bluetooth settings on your device. To activate the soundbar’s pairing mode, you must first press and keep depressing the Bluetooth button on it. Activate the Bluetooth feature on the device you’re using, then look for the soundbar. Once your device identifies the soundbar, you may proceed to connect to it.

How do I get my Vizio TV to recognize my sound bar?

Keep your finger pressed down on the Bluetooth button that’s located on the side of your soundbar. This will put your soundbar into the pairing mode for your Bluetooth device. You also have the option of pressing the button on your remote that is labelled “Bluetooth.” If you have a VIZIO remote with an LED screen, you can find the BT Pair option in your settings by pressing the MENU button on the remote.

Why is my soundbar not working with my TV?

Make sure the volume on the TV is turned up all the way if you are using an analogue connection. If the analogue audio output of the TV is set to “variable,” but you still do not hear any sound coming from the soundbar, try turning up the volume on the TV itself. Even if the soundbar is put up to its maximum level, you won’t be able to hear anything if the volume on the TV is turned all the way down.

What cable do I need for HDMI ARC?

If you want to connect your TV to a speaker that supports ARC, you need to make sure that you are utilising an HDMI cable that is version 1.4 or higher. The HDMI-ARC feature may only be accessed through the designated port on the television or on the One Connect Box; additionally, any external speakers that you use must be HDMI-ARC compliant.

Do Vizio TVS have Bluetooth?

At this time, only Bluetooth LE is supported by VIZIO televisions. Bluetooth LE is a low energy variant of bluetooth that is used to assist in connecting devices such as smart phones and tablets with the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile application so that these devices can be used as a remote for the TV.